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Lammars December 18, 2006

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LammarsLammars Fourways House, Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EF map

  • Nestled in the back streets between the Northern Quarter and Piccadilly Station, Lammars is a deceptively large lounge bar and restaurant, well worth visiting. Boasting lush decor that some might see as being a little camp, that should come as no surprise really as Lammars is named after Manchester’s favourite drag queen, Frank Foo Foo Lammar, who tragically lost his battle against cancer in 2003. (Frank’s own Foo Foo’s Palace was also located at the end of the road opposite). The bar offers a reasonable range of draught and bottle beers and spirits, whilst there are a few good wines available and cocktails too. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and it really is the ideal place to eat and drink.
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16 Responses to “Lammars”

  1. Carlos Says:

    Visited Lammars last Friday when a friend of mine took me for a drink after work, what can i say………….. It’s amazing! Can’t believe I’ve lived in Manchester for 15 years and didn’t even know this place existed. What a decor and the range of music was excellent, the staff were pleasant and welcoming. Can’t comment on the food, I haven’t eaten there, but as a bar for socialising with friends and a great atmosphere this is the place to be.

  2. Noddy Says:

    I’ve been to Lammars a few times during the day, but decided to give it a go at night this Wednesday just gone. I was expecting, and briefed my friend for it to be quiet, but worth a look because the decor is just so amazing!

    To my suprise there were quite a few people in, great atmosphere, music, nice bar staff and just an alround good round up to a Wednesday night.

    Lammars will now be on my list of places to visit of a night out!

  3. bethanydee Says:

    Amazing? Two amazings? I would give it a third – amazingly overpriced. Staff that are more interested in talking between themselves and inedible food.

  4. Bethanydee – your reviews interest us. So far, you’ve reviewed 4 bars and haven’t said a good word about any of them.
    Are you a grumpy old woman or just unlucky on nights out?

  5. Lammars Says:

    Ah Thanks Bethanydee for the feedback we will take that onboard. However, i do need to point out that Lammars has only just relaunched its new tapas menu and unfortunately for you our kitchen was closed last wednesday when you said you visited and has been for the previous 6 weeks! .. . . i think someone has a little too much time on their hands?. . . and needs to go to real bars with real people rather than those imaginary ones! but thanks for giving us a giggle …. ps…. absolutley everyone has loved the new food and i really mean everyone. ha ha!

  6. David F. Says:

    Went out last night 22 Jan 09. A bit fed up I decided to visit Lamars…..What a fabulous place, with an atmosphere to die for! Musicians / singers were jamming I was transported away to another place. Far from the maddness that is real life!
    I will certainly visit again how could this place exist in Manchester and yet still be virtually unkown?…..Perhaps this will become the place to see and be seen in!

  7. Bexy Says:

    Went to a ‘comedy night’ at Lammars. The comics and compare seemed to think that if you swear a lot it is funny – sorry but for us it wasn’t and we left. I have visited Lammars a couple of times and won’t be coming back. The service is dreadful, the food isn’t up to much and there is nothing special with the drinks. The place to see and be seen in? I don’t think so.

  8. ChapeltownSt Says:

    I discovered Lammars a year ago when I moved to Manchester and just so happened to move in opposite. I live a tiny bit further away now but always suggest Lammars as a meeting spot, and bring friends visiting me from further afield to enjoy the quirky, chilled atmosphere and good food. I love the music late on a Saturday night too!! Kepp up the good work 🙂

  9. Mush Says:

    Went in for the first time last night. You think its tiny when you first walk in but as you walk to the far end there are two other sections that lead to where the toilets are. Really liked the music in there and thought it was a top notch place to start a night out. Good looking crowd, staff seemed pretty pleasant, chilled nice vibe. The DJ turntables were ace, sat in a glitterball tiled piano. The decor seems a bit strange looking at the pics but it kind of works when you’re actually there. The toilets as with most bars are what were lacking a really. Pokey!! That was the only bad point really though. Will definately be back!!

  10. Leanne Says:

    I went to Lammars in July for dinner and drinks, we’d never been before but after reading a few reviews decided to give it a go. I have to say I am in love with this place! The bar itself is brilliant, funky and relaxed. The staff were lovely, really friendly and down to earth and the service was great. The food was also fantastic, a good range, nicely cooked and really tasty. This is definately somewhere I will go back to! I couldn’t fault the place!

  11. Graham Says:

    Hi Lammers, I was just wondering how much entry is on Saturdays and how much is a typical pint?

    Cheers all.

  12. K Says:


    Can anyone recommend any good unofficial lesbian pubs in the city? I’m thinking more northern quarter, or even on urban fringes, than canal street…


  13. JW Says:

    I went with six of my friends to Lammars last night for dinner. It was appalling. Although admittedly Saturday night perhaps isn’t the most sensible night to go to a bar for dinner, if the service is offered, the experience should not be any less enjoyable than any other night of the week. The multiple staff who had nothing to do were more interested in hanging around the bar chatting than helping us with drinks and food orders. (We had to ask three times for Diet Cokes and Water, which when it did arrive, came accompanied with lipstick stained glasses.)

    The food when it did arrive was terrible, I really cannot state this enough. The burgers were awful; the buns were obviously from a packet as were the chips and the burger was gristly and fatty. My friends who ordered the tapas were also equally unimpressed by the taste, presentation and imagination in the food.

    To make matters worse, drunk people were allowed to dance in the dining area, bashing into our table and generally making the environment uncomfortable.

    I would not recommend Lammars to anyone and my friend who chose the bar is extremely embarrassed by the awful experience we had.

  14. […] exhibition was followed by an ‘after party’ at Lammars Bar. I ended up staying out till late the next morning. Kermit was supposed to be rapping at a club […]

  15. andrew Says:

    Avoid. Over priced drinks for what’s dressed out like a tacky Blackpool venue. Bar staff ok only plus. Music too out of date and sound system rattles a bit when on too loud, which it generally is as you can’t hear people next to you. Music’s flamboyant at best. Bouncers very scruffy and act like they’ve been pulled in from job centre to have a go at it. Rude, obnoxious, uncaring. Like a throw back to 1980s ITV wrestlers on a power trip. We attended for a reunion in a group of 10 professionals male and female. Entered bar about 8pm. A couple of us exited for a cigarette on way back in got stopped by staff to pay 2 pound as now after 9. Explained was in previously as did other members of our group. Wouldn’t be believed. Bouncers said ‘we’re not here to baby sit you, ha, now pay’. Owner was very weak and said nothing he would do. They lost circa 500 pound revenue, future and existing customers for a power trip and a 2 pound entry. Believe me this place is a step back  into the dark ages in terms of management, decor and music. Poor attendance is leading to over pricing, charging to get in, cheap seemingly untrained door staff. Avoid or you risk people trying to give you a poor night. Bar around corner, think called Lolas, was far superior. Great door staff, atmosphere, music, drinks, the lot. We had a great night in the end but no thanks to the out dated Lammars. Will be sure never to return again. Fu Fu would not be a happy bunny.

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