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Dulcimer October 25, 2007

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DulcimerDulcimer 567 Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 0AE map

  • Opened in October 2007, Dulcimer, in the heart of Chorlton is a superb bar dedicated to rare folk music and fine ales. Boasting regular live music and resident DJ’s in Andy Votel, Dom Thomas and the bar’s owner, Lee Janda, it’s certainly the place to be for Mancunian Folkies. The ale selection is one of the best in Manchester, whilst the soundsystem is amazing.
  • rare Import ales
  • food
  • live folk music
  • DJ’s (folk, blues and psychadelic)
  • wifi and internet

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Dexters Bar & Grill, The Traford Centre June 25, 2007

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Dexters Bar & GrillDexters Bar & Grill 108 The Orient, Trafford Centre, Manchester, M17 8EH map

  • More Information Coming Soon
  • food

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Dimitris January 12, 2007

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DimitrisDimitris Campfield Arcade, Tonman Street, Deansgate Manchester, M3 4FN map

  • Serving a mix of greek and italian dishes, dimitris is a very popular bar restaurant right at the very end of deansgate. The bar is only small and gets very busy in the evenings, particularly at the weekend when there is live music. During the day its popular with the people in the media industry who work nearby, but come the evening the bar turns into a bohemian haunt serving some great drinks and great taps. There are always drink and food promotions on so make sure you ask at the bar for their specials. Be warned, at the weekend you need to get in there early, it gets very full, very fast.
  • Imported Lager
  • Wine Menu
  • Food (Greek)
  • Live Music

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Dr. Livvys Bar and Grill December 17, 2006

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Dr. Livvys BarDr. Livvys Bar Dr. Livvys Bar, 36 High Street, Manchester, M4 1QB map

  • Manchester has quite a few unique bars, Dr. Livvys Bar is no exception. Offering some great drink and food deals, along with some excellent live music and theme nights, if it is something a little bit different you are after then you’ll find it here. The menu is a mixture of british classics, american steaks and caribbean specialties, although there are regular special theme nights where the food is different. The interior of Dr Livvys is huge, making it ideal for large groups and big parties. Great food, great drinks, great music, and a great change from the appalling Brook’s and original Yates’s Blob Shop that once stood here.
  • Menu (Caribbean & British)
  • live music
  • salsa

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Dry Bar December 15, 2006

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Dry BarDry Bar Dry Bar, 28 – 30 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JN map

  • An historical drinking venue in the manchester music scene, the cavernous interior of dry bar might take you by surprise. This is the place where britain’s modern bar scene is said to have started back in 1989.  designed by hacienda architect, ben kelly, dry bar was originally owned by factory records and new order under the name of dry 201 (fac201 being the factory records catalogue number for the venue). Both Liam Gallagher and Shaun Ryder are amongst those banned from here.  The Happy Monday’s frontman for notoriously firing a gun whilst trying to blackmail Anthony Wilson (as documented in the 24 hour party people film).  The bullet hole still can be seen today.  Like Factory Records, the bar itself has had a few ups and downs over the years but with the current resurgence of the northern quarter, things are looking good for this historic venue. Dry bar has a little bit of everything, great djs at the weekend, live bands two or three times a week and a good selection of drinks behind the bar. If you love Manchester’s musical heritage, you’ll love this place.
  • live music
  • djs

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The Deansgate December 9, 2006

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The DeansgateThe Deansgate  321 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LQ map

  • Previously the Crown Inn, Galvin’s Irish Bar and then just Galvin’s, The Deansgate sits at the bottom of deansgate and is on the fringe of both castlefield and deansgate locks. Having only recently reopened after refurbishment and a name change, it’s moved away from it’s traditional decor and opted for an almost chain-like feel.  Still owned by the same landlord, it’s obvious they’ve changed their tactics to try and suit the business guests at the Hilton next door rather than the old clientele of bikers from the Harley Davidson store that once neighboured it.  The interior is now all new varnished wood, almost trying to recreate the look of a traditional boozer – which is ironic seeing as that’s what this place was originally.  The staff are very friendly and there’s real cask ale on offer.  Whilst the target clientele is probably lunching business people, The Deansgate does benefit from an overspill of people who have given up queuing or been turned away from the more pretentious Cloud 23 in the ugly Beetham Tower next door.
  • food (british)
  • cask ales

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Dukes 92

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Dukes 92Dukes 92 Dukes 92, 18 – 25 Castle Street, Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4LZ map

  • Castlefield is the best place to be in the summer, with canal side drinking and historic buildings.  With it’s large patio seating, barbeque and great views, Dukes 92 is where everybody flocks to.  But it’s not just in the summer that Dukes gets busy – thanks largely to it’s wonderful choice of pates and cheeses, superb choice of beers and wines and open plan warehouse style layout – it’s remained popular whilst others around it have closed down and been lost forever.  Named after the canal lock it sits next to, Dukes Lock should have been numbered No.1 lock as it’s at the bottom of the Rochdale Canal. However the canal was built by a Yorkshireman who refused to have No.1 in Lancashire, therefore the usual numbering method was reversed and Dukes Lock was given No.92 instead!  Upstairs is available to hire and gets popular with birthdays and office parties, whilst next door is the superb Albert’s Shed restaurant and the Castlefield Rooms, available to hire, and packed almost everyday with weddings, birthdays and corporate events.  This is truely one of Manchester’s best bars in one of the best lcoations.
  • food (pizza & pate/cheese from around the world)
  • wines (extensive)
  • Large Patio
  • Banquet & conference rooms
  • restaurant next door (Italian)

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Ducie Arms November 23, 2006

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Ducie ArmsDucie Arms 52 Devas Street, Greenheys, Manchester, M15 6HS map

  • The Ducie Arms is a popular traditional pub hidden behind the University of Manchester, next to their car park and close to Manchester Academy and The Contact Theatre.  It’s a small welcoming pub, serving good beers and food in a great laid back atmosphere, popular with locals and students alike.  Whilst it’s hardly a place most people just stumble across unless they either know the area or have parked in the Uni’s car park, it is a hidden gem worth searching for if you like your ales.  They’re said to serve amongst the best Guinness in town.
  • Real Ale
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Food

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