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Sugar Lounge November 9, 2006

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Sugar LoungeSugar Lounge Deansgate Locks, Manchester, M1 5LH map

  • Sugar Lounge opened on the Locks a few years ago, an exclusive bar in Manchester catering for those lucky sod’s who had American Express black cards, tailor made designer suits and earning more in savings account interest each year than the rest of us receive as a salary. They had an expensive membership scheme and a strict guest list door policy. It was proudly highly pretentious and even the doormen wore tailored Versace or Hugo Boss uniforms. In reality though, most people with Amex Black cards (especially the footballers) can’t afford to be regularly snapped out on the town and most punters were probably spending more in credit card interest than they were earning as a wage. As with all these types of bars, membership schemes only work for a year or two until the next exclusive bar comes along. And whilst it may have hosted private parties for the likes of David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Cameron Dias, Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams, it also became just as well known for its attraction to the ‘street’ crowd. It was no surprise that the venue closed down in December 2005 after less than 3 years. In fairness, the rent on a property like this must be horrendous and with such small space inside (it’s the smallest of all the bars on Deansgate Locks), the owners must have been hard pushed to make a real profit out of it. This was notoriously reflected in the drinks prices too.

Sugar Lounge eventually re-opened in June 2006 under new management (rumoured to be a Premiership footballer) and has changed all its policies, although thankfully not the interior, drastically. Gone is the gangster-friendly r’n’b in favour of cool soulful house music. Also gone is the pretentious guest list in favour of a more friendly “you look smart enough, come in and enjoy yourself” attitude. It’s a welcome change and hopefully the new management will be rewarded for such a move because this is still one of the classiest bars in town!

  • Cocktail Menu

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9 Responses to “Sugar Lounge”

  1. Rachael Thomas Says:

    Looking for a venue for a 30 Birthday Party.Do you have a function/Vip Room/ Theme is classy little black dresses and coctail suit for guys. If you do how much. the date would be 28th April approx 50 people.


  2. kerry davin Says:

    Do you need to be on a guest list to get in??

  3. alana Says:

    how much is it to get in
    what time does it close
    how can i get on the guest list as it is my birthday

  4. andrew crosby Says:

    hi, would it be possible spend the evening
    at the sugar lounge on the 18th of october
    as it is my wife’s 30th birthday and i have aranged
    a supprise at local restaraunt and are looking for
    somewhere to have a few drinks after.ihave read some
    reviews and your bar seems quiet popular.there would
    be about twenty people attending
    would i need to be on the guest list

  5. sharon ryan Says:

    how do I become a member

  6. Pauline Johnson Says:

    Booked a night out at the comedy store sat 10th Jan (christams present for hubby)!- will we be able to have a drink at the sugar lounge afterwards, or do we need to be members.

    • Sorry for replying a bit too late. As you probably found out anyway last night, you don’t need to be a member for Sugar Lounge. In fact if you’d spent money on membership you’d be a bit miffed as it’s now closed down.
      Cheerleaders has replaced it and you certainly don’t need membership there!

  7. Charlotte Ferchal Says:


    It is my friends bday the 23.5.09 so we are hitting manchester. Please can you tell me how much to get in, What time you open/close and whether there is any chance of getting 4 of us on the guest list

  8. Jade Says:

    I am organising my friends party, there is a group of 12 ladies. We will all be dressed up in sexy sailor outfits. I would like to no if we will be allowed in?

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