Manchester Bar Reviews – the definitive guide to bars, clubs & pubs in the rock’n’goal capital of the world!

Manchester Bars October 31, 2006 is the definitive guide to pubs, clubs and bars in Manchester, England – the rock’n’goal capital of the world!

Brought to you by the guys behind Hotels Of Manchester, the most comprehensive guide to hotels in Manchester.  The site is a welcome addition to a stable of leading Mancunian sites that already includes, Restaurants Of Manchester, Pride Of Manchester and Manchester Comedy Guide.

Unlike other bar and restaurant sites, we won’t overhype those that pay us, nor will we suck up to PR companies in an attempt to get on pretentious guest lists.

We run many companies across Europe and can be found in the best bars across the continent, ‘BEST’ meaning quite simply that – those bars that tend to survive long after the PR & marketing teams have disappeared with their memories of extravagant launch parties massaging their portfolios.

And whilst we have offices in Manchester, Switzerland, Germany and Scandanavia, its Manchester’s nightlife that other cities just can not match.  OK, there’s less binge drinkers and smashed up bus stops on the streets of Rejkavik, Zurich or Stuttgart but, believe us, plane loads of European tourists come to Manchester every day to experience the delights of Manchester’s nightlife as well as for the music, football and architecture.


One Response to “Manchester Bars”

  1. Jason Knowles Says:

    What a great website, so indepth and insightful to all the places in our wonderful city. Cheers guys

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