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Edwards December 14, 2006

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EdwardsEdwards Westminster House, Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3HU map

  • A popular chain bar just round the corner from piccadilly gardens, edwards is frequented by office workers, shoppers and students.  This bar was one of the first of the stylish new look bars opened in manchester with queues outside once a common sight.  Things have relaxed a little since then and if you want a friendly place to drink where you can eat and dance as well then this is a great venue.  The food served is typical pub/bar in style but it is great value, add that to the special drinks promotions and you might find you spend a little longer in edwards than first intended. Music wise, there is a real mix of styles which may be a little loud at times. Edwards also shows all the top sporting events on the numerous flat pannelled tv screens.
  • food (british, bar)
  • live sports (sky sports, bbc, itv, etc)

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7 Responses to “Edwards”

  1. Lee Says:

    This is the first bar I go out to before hitting the other bars and clubs around Manchester. Great prices for drinks and excellent laid back atmosphere.

  2. Nick Says:

    I’ve always tried to avoid this one, seems to be full of undesirables, but decided to give it ago. Edwards has great decor, very fancy and plush, but really that is the only time that the word Great can be used in connection with this bar.

    I ordered some food, which was really quite bad, my steak, stilton and mushroom baguette with extra onion rings came as steak and mushroom baguette with garlic bread! After complaining they did change it for me, but it shouldn’t be that hard to get a simple sandwich order correct.

    Towards the end of eating some of those undesirables decided it was time to come in and shout at the waiters for what I could see was nothing!

    Anyway moral of the story, most times if you think a bar is going to be bad then often you are correct.

  3. jade Says:

    that person (NICK) is wrong about edwards, its is a great place in the week and even better place at the weekends. Me and a number of my friends love to go to edwards, in the week we go after college and work for a nice chilled drink, and meet the regulars in there and the bar staff, at the weekend is the time to really get the full affect from edwards, the music is amazing and there is never any trouble because the door staff are all ways on the case.

    In the week we go for food because the food is very nice and cheap, there is a large selection of meals and also desserts, the seating is very comfortable and the music is very chilled and relaxing, the drinks are cheap and you can always have a good laff with the bar staff.

    At the weekend at night it is great, loud good music, two floors, and up stairs a great balcony that you can sit out side. the music iis, bashment and R&B, but alot of people think because they play R&B means that there is going to be trouble but there never is.

    Edwards is a great place and dont knock it till you try it.

  4. Eva Says:

    sorry but weekends I found it to be full of 40-something desperate women dressing like mutton and even more desperate young guys trying anyone who may help them get their visa’s – very unsavoury – wouldn’t go again…

  5. john Says:

    the place does not open when it should due to technical problems .and the staff just shrug there shoulders when asked if or when are they opening through the glass very rude .too many technical problems and not convinced .not good at all i will spend my hard earned cash elswhere .

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