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Marble Beer House Chorlton March 19, 2008

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Chorlton BarsMarble Beer House Chorlton  Manchester Road, Manchester, M21 9PW map

  • for the real ale connoisseur

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2 Responses to “Marble Beer House Chorlton”

  1. k Says:

    I Have been drinking in the Marble every since i moved to Manchester from Scotland- and have always found it an amazing real pub- with a great selection of real ales and nibbles. It is a pub for regulars and there are quite a few- most of which have always been very friendly and welcoming- including the numerous fellow scots who drink there. However- i recently went in after a rather large football game- and was not welcome at all- the usual friendly atmosphere had become so violent. I was rudley treated at the bar by the “gentlemen” sat at the bar- and the heavily peirced bar man who laughed when myself my girlfriend(the two regulars) -friend (female) and boyfriend ( who we had to persuade to go) were heckled and scowled at- sorry- i wasnt under the impression that being gay meant it was ok for people to treat you like dirt- i have never experienced anything like it from grown men- we were given our drinks and only felt comfortable to drink them outside- the we put our glasses back in the bar- and they still continued to heckle us- we hadnt uttered a word- a rather large man then came out of the bar once we had left and continuedd to shout down the street at us- it was an absolute joke- and the staff were just utterly disgraceful-as they let it happen! it makes me sad to know- i will never set foot in the bar again! i am only 24 and have never been made feel so awful by men older than my father!

    • red bill Says:

      I have used the Marble ( now just the “Beer House”) since moving to the area from Oldham in ’98/9 In these years I have never witnessed any anti gay /homophobic remarks directed towards someone present. ( There have been immature & bigoted remarks made by one or two regulars amongst themselves). Most regular Beer House drinkers are kind and tolerant to the mixed clientelle who frequent this pub.
      I know of no regulars or bar staff who would tolerate this obscene & boorish behaviour. Please rest assured that such behaviour does not occur at this time in this pub.

      Red Bill.

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