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Walrus Bar February 18, 2008

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Walrus, ManchesterWalrus Bar 57 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EJ map

Walrus is a refreshing addition to the Northern Quarter. This modern, trendy bar offers something new to the city without being pretentious. The talking point is certainly the decor and whether it is to your taste or not, full credit to Walrus for being different with their unique touches. Downstairs can be fun and lively at weekends and the staff’s friendliness, makes a visit to Walrus a positive one.

  • food (oriental)
  • cocktails
  • import beer
  • DJ

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8 Responses to “Walrus Bar”

  1. JazzMan Says:

    Lovely friendly bar, with crazy but stylish decor! Also has some great beers. This is now one of my fave NQ bars.

  2. hounddog Says:

    Very cool bar. Also does very good asian food.

  3. socialoverkill Says:

    wow what an experience!?! still confused as to whether I like the decor or not, I think it’s a case of you either love it or hate it. But the service, drinks and food I definately love! At the weekends it’s a great night out and during the week it’s perfect to sit back and chillax with some of the best cocktails in Manchester!

  4. Noddy Says:

    Top bar, great place to chill with some of the nicest bottled beers in town. Decor is pretty cool, but won’t be to everyones taste, but so what!!

  5. Lorraine Hughes Says:

    Great bar, lovely decor, lovely staff inside the bar. One complaint i do have is the manner of the doormen. They are so abrupt and look like they should be hanging about in a youth club not stood on the door of a trendy new bar. Apart from that would recommend.

  6. Gwynnie Says:

    Beautiful – the cocktails are gorgeous, as is the food. Get the £10 voucher (for a drink and 2 courses) and go when the cocktails are 2-for-1, fun times will be had by all. If I had anything negative to say it would be that the seating isn’t that comfortable, we ate by the door and it felt as if we should be somewhere a bit comfier but never mind – try the oyakodon (chicken and egg) !

  7. Sian Hamer Says:

    I’m afraid we were really disappointed. The barman who served us was exceptionally rude and arrogant. We downed our drinks and soon moved on to a friendlier bar. What a shame!

  8. Maria Says:

    Really cool place. Does the best asian food in Manchester!

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