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The Northern January 30, 2008

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The NorthernThe Northern 56 Tib Street, Manchester, M4 1LW map

  • What was previously one of the roughest pubs in the city, is now one of the friendliest and trendiest pubs. The Northern is a celebration of all things Mancunian. It’s artisitcally decorated with the who’s who of famous local heroes from everyone from Tony Wilson to Les Dawson. With its excellent music and relaxing atmosphere, if you’re in the Northern Quarter, The Northern is a must visit. Even the smokers are invited to socialise in “The Pit”, an outside enclosed area which feels part of the pub.
  • live music
  • food (british)
  • DJ
  • cabaret
  • poetry
  • art installations
  • pub quiz

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19 Responses to “The Northern”

  1. Nick Says:

    Went in here a couple of weeks ago, great bar, full of character and charm with friendly staff. Definitely one of the best new Northern Quarter bars. Well worth a visit!!

  2. Secret Squirrel Says:

    Paid a visit at the weekend and was impressed. So impressed that I’m going for something to eat there this evening. A welcome addition to the Northern Quarter. Think “Bay Horse” but more comfortable.

  3. craig scully Says:

    the booking we made was not put in the book, the wine glasses were dirty, the barmaid couldn’t use the ale pumps, the wine we were served (£20 bottle) was not as advertised on the wine list, yorkshire pudds were cremated as were the parsnips although the manager seemed very helpful this place has a long way to go before It comes up to our usual standards

    • Hi Neil,

      Sorry to hear you had a poor experience at the pub. We have streamlined our operation somewhat and have tightened up service and wine list – hope you come back and have a better time now.

  4. Noddy Says:

    The new kid on the block in the Northern Quarter, with tons of Manchester memrobillia, friendly staff, good beers and great menu! Keep up the good work guys.

    • Audra Bennett Says:

      i agree then it was but the doorman were what made it great like i said on my post its time they found the older doorman called darran coz he was so nice yet did his job to safe guard the customers and staff mss security he worked for at the time and he was head doorman he was one fair but respectful guy,

  5. Claire Says:

    My friend introduced me to The Northern during our usual Wednesday night ramble through the NQ – was very impressed with the decor and atmosphere and the look of the pizzas that two people were munching at the adjacent table, so much so I dragged my boyfriend down there on Good Friday to meet another friend for lunch and coffees. Everything was perfect (service, food, price and atmosphere) and we whiled away a pleasant couple of hours in there and will definitely be revisiting again soon.

  6. Sam Says:

    A lot of people from JD Williams go here at lunchtime and it’s great, BUT there’s no wheelchair access, so one member of our team can’t go which means we’ll have to go somewhere else. Also, the 2 for 1 pizza offer is advertised as running from Monday to Friday, but if you go on a Friday you’re told it finishes on Thursday. Other than that, good food and ambience.

  7. Leanne Jones Says:

    Lovely bar, great atmosphere now it has changed over to the Northern. I would sometimes end up in here years ago when it was the King (shamefully) the staff are friendly and the food is gorgeous. I also like the fact that there are doormen, keeps the riff raff out and gives a sense of security to the punters as lets face it there are quite a few questionable people out and about in Manchester!

  8. phil bradshaw Says:

    fantastic bar, friendly helpful staff good choice of wines and beers and the best pizza in Manchester

  9. Steve Clarke Says:

    Easily one of the best bars in Manchester, stopped by after reading about the bar on this website. Great Deco, Great Food, Good Drinks but more importantly great staff could talk to the women behind the bar and the guy who DJ`s for hours.. now why cant all bars be like this. 10 out of 10

  10. Jay Says:

    Swung by here about 6 months ago on the hunt for a recommended Sunday lunch. For some reason The Lighthouse Family was on the cd player. Weird.

  11. Ansgar Says:

    Ich bin vor einem Jahr im Northern gewesen. Ein toller Laden, auch für deutschsprachige Ausländer. Im Dezember plane ich meinen Weihnachtsurlaub in Manchester und werde ganz bestimmt wieder im Northern einen supernetten Abend verbringen. Hier stimmt einfach alles, Musik, Gäste, Das Essen usw. Das Essen ist sehr interessant, weil es ganz einfache Englische Gerichte gibt, die aber super veredelt werden.
    Also, ich freue mich auf Euch…………..See you

  12. Bimbimmerman Says:

    Visited Manchester for the first time over the weekend and had the unfortunate experience of speaking to the DJ playing on Saturday night (10 April). He was incredibly rude, talking over me and a female friend, and even suggesting my (mixed) group of friends go somewhere else. At one point he even become confrontational, including leaning over the decks to come up to my face. The reason for this? Because we requested ONE song.

    So we did leave, and I told the bouncer at the door what had happened. His reply? He laughed and said ‘well, thats the DJ’.

    It seems other people writing reviews on other websites are having exactly the same experience with the DJ being rude.

    Someone needs to have a word with the DJ about this attitude, because he is costing the Northern paying customers at the end of the day.

  13. Ade Says:

    The Dj is an aggresive idiot. I had the same experiance as a number of other people have reported when i tried to request a song last night (Sat 4th Sept). He was rude and had an aggresive attitude, there is no need for that and it’s not funny as the other staff seem to think. The music he played was utter dirge and made for a depressing night, so we left early. I won’t be going back and I’ll pass on my feelings to other people who ask. Message to the owner…fire the DJ he is costing u custom & money.

  14. Tony Lewis Says:

    I totally agree about the dj on saturday nights, I asked him for a request because it was my friends 30th…and he was really rude telling me he didn’t do requests….is reaction towards me as if I’d just chucked my drink on his decks and scratched is records..:)) apart from that a great venue and brilliant staff serving behind the bar

  15. Jason Says:

    Went there last week, cool place, nice people, no idiots. The music was brill, staff were lovely and loads of drinks to choose (espcially rum!)

  16. Sam Says:

    Horrendous place…. end of, I recommend staying well clear

  17. Audra Bennett Says:

    what ever happened to darran the doorman, he made your bar great its a shame hes not there as he had it well closed up from drugs and fools he worked there when you opened think its time you found him and got him back to get this pub back of its knees,

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