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Dulcimer October 25, 2007

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DulcimerDulcimer 567 Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 0AE map

  • Opened in October 2007, Dulcimer, in the heart of Chorlton is a superb bar dedicated to rare folk music and fine ales. Boasting regular live music and resident DJ’s in Andy Votel, Dom Thomas and the bar’s owner, Lee Janda, it’s certainly the place to be for Mancunian Folkies. The ale selection is one of the best in Manchester, whilst the soundsystem is amazing.
  • rare Import ales
  • food
  • live folk music
  • DJ’s (folk, blues and psychadelic)
  • wifi and internet

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One Response to “Dulcimer”

  1. We first bumped into Lee Janda in Cord, propping up the bar and drinking some fine Import ales. The conversation quickly moved on to fine ales and eventually music. As regulars at the Cambridge Folk Festival, we were excited to learn of a new bar he was opening in Chorlton which was to be dedicated to rare Folk and fine ales.

    Naturally, we rushed down to Dulcimer once it opened in October 2007. Wow! Chorlton’s latest addition is everything a Folkie would want from a bar.

    With rare folk roots providing the soundtrack for our visit, the choice of of ales is one of the best we’ve seen in Manchester – Theakston’s Flying Shuttle dark ale was excellent.

    This could easily become our favourite bar in Manchester!”

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