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Sankey’s July 9, 2007

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SankeysSankey’s Radium Street, Manchester, M4 6AYmap

  • Previously known as Sankey’s Soap and named after the soap works that once stood in this 200 year old mill on the edge of the Northern Quarter, Sankeys is Manchester’s leading nightclub.  Boasting superstar DJ’s, it’s a dance music fan’s dream venue.  With an 800 person capacity and a dancefloor which holds 500, it’s open every Friday and Saturday with tickets often selling out well in advance for some events.
  • Disco (house, trance, dance)

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2 Responses to “Sankey’s”

  1. ira gibson Says:

    Can you hire the club out for a night and how much is it?

    • steve Says:

      how can theire only be 1 coment on sankeys i went once with freinds and made more freind and i still keep going back for more. the sound system is amazing the lighting is astounding you have to try it once at least. music is not to everybodys taste but i like it

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