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Trof March 31, 2007

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TrofTrof 5-8 Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1EG map

  • Starting out as an extremely popular student bar in fallowfield, Trof has now grown up and made the move to the extremely trendy northern quarter in manchester. Over 2006 and 2007 a countless number of bars have opened or are due to open in this already well populated part of manchester and Trof should be one that succeeds as long as it keeps to the successful recipe of great food, being served in very large portions at reasonable prices along with some quality imported beers and lagers from all around the world. All in all a great place to hang out, relax and enjoy an unusual beer and a meal, plus the added benefit for all manchesters thirty somethings is that it isn’t packed full of students… yet.
  • food (british)
  • live music
  • import beers
  • comedy
  • sun terrace

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4 Responses to “Trof”

  1. DR Says:

    A fantastic looking bar but let down by some under experienced staff, food nice idea but certainly not the best as they claim, it comes late and cold! and whats with the inconsistancy in prices both my rounds (same drinks) different prices… mmmm some tweaking needed me thinks

  2. Shelley Brown Says:

    Now open nearly 3 months, Trof has settled into itself. Teething problems are likely with a new bar, but the already regular throng of happy customers proves we must be doing something right. The entertainment schedule is unsurpassed in the area, as is the beer selection. We have a tight group of staff who are passionate about Trof and although we try and get it right all the time on the times we don’t please let us know and we will do all we can to show you that a great experience at Trof is important to us! Love, Trof x

  3. The Legend Says:

    Excellent. Great vibe in Trof with a mish-mash mix of people, an unsurpassed choice of weird and wonderful beers (strawberry beer on tap!!!) and a decent lay out spread across 3 floors. Top floor is a private little living room with leather couches and if you and your mates get in there its like having your own pub. Will definitely venture to Trof again.
    And again.
    And again.

  4. Noddy Says:

    Always busy in here, with loads of different people. We went up to the top floor to check out the leather living room that The Legend mentions, makes a great little meeting point for a small crowd. Love it in here!

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