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Satan’s Hollow January 12, 2007

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Satan's HollowSatan’s Hollow 101 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DD map

  • One of the most renowned student and cheap drink clubs, Satans hollow is the home to manchesters goths, punks, rockers metel heads and indie kids. the music is always very loud in the various club nights that are on offer and there is something special happening every night. there is also a very special asian dub night playing the top bollywood tunes on a wednesday, also on a sunday you’ll get the chance to hear all the local rocker and metal talent in the live band night. There are always drinks promotions behind the bar, your average pint will cost about £1.50 and bottles are £1.00.
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One Response to “Satan’s Hollow”

  1. Satan's Hollow, Manchester Says:

    Rock Club and live music bar. Satns hollow is a round shaped club, which is excellent on a band night, with the band being in the ventre of the room! Black Urinals too!

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