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Bacchanalia January 12, 2007

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BacchanaliaBacchanalia 15 – 17 Chapel Walks, Manchester, M2 1HN map

  • Named after the wild and mystic festivals to the greek god bacchus, bacchanalia is a trendy bar and restaurant in the heart of city centre manchester, taking the venue vacated by simple in the city. The downstairs bar is very popular at lunchtimes with the local business folk and shoppers, and when five o’clock comes you will very often find the same people walking through the same doors they walked out of just three and a half hours earlier. A little later on in the evening bacchanalia becomes a great venue for young lovers and you will often see them head upstairs to the mediterranean stlyed menus of the restaurant after having had an excellently prepared cocktail from the downstairs bar. Talking of the bar, there is an excellent speciality wine menu, some imported beers and over 150 cocktails to sample, so if you have the time, sit yourself down in one of the very plush leather booths and try the lot!
  • Cocktails
  • Wine Menu
  • imported beer
  • Food (mediterranean & british)

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7 Responses to “Bacchanalia”

  1. Rob Says:

    Not experienced drinking in the bar yet, but the restaurant is top notch with very friendly bar staff to make your experience a great one!!!

  2. Lawrence Says:

    went here a lot with my ex-girlfriend and we loved it. great for a quiet drink before moving on to a more vibrant bar. staff were friendly, great range of cocktails, and although i’ve not tried the food, it’s meant to be quite impressive. highly recommended

  3. Carsten Says:

    The food in the restaurant is good and reasonably priced. The restaurant unfortunately was a little bit on the empty side when I visited, so go there and fill the place up!

    As for the bar: I don’t really know why it is ranking under the top cocktail bars in Manchester. They do have a lot, I agree to that, but the drinks were at the most of average quality. Not impressed.

  4. martini fan Says:

    I have to agree with Carsten, definitely not a top cocktail bar, a lot of the drinks are fairly average but the problem for me is that they can not seem to make a proper martini. The bartender dug oily olives out of a jar ( clearly the wrong type) with his fingers and placed them in the drink, there was oil residue all over the martini and when we politely brought it back and mentioned the oil we were told it was because of the olives. After this we had nothing but attitude from this bartender, when the replacement g and t arrived it did not seem to contain any g. we had given this bar another try after a previous dissapointment and will not be back. However, the first time we went a different bartender was lovely and very capable, hopefully this is not the bar but just one guy.

    • A J Rogers Says:

      That’s helpful info thanks. Perhaps you should have mentioned it to the manager on the evening. Even if the bartender had been told whilst you were still on the premise, it seems his attitude couldn’t have got any worse. Perhaps it was plain ignorance but only by getting feedback can anything be changed, if no action is taken then definitely give the place a swerve.
      I asked for more recent reviews as a result. I think I’ll wait until I see one.

  5. A J Rogers Says:

    Is there any chance you could update the reviews on your website as these are not current, they are just so old?

  6. carol thornton Says:

    Visited baccanalia yesterday lunchtime…found the place just by chance & was so glad we did. Meal was superb…2 courses for two a drink each and bread with oils to start was an extremely reasonable 35 pounds. The lower floor was full so we sat upstairs opposite the open kitchen & could see how carefully the food was prepared. I would highly recommend this place and am looking forward to going in the evening to sample the array of cocktails on offer.

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