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Sinclair’s Oyster Bar January 11, 2007

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Sinclair's Oyster BarSinclair’s Oyster Bar 2 Cathedral Gates, Manchester, M3 1SW map

  • One of the oldest surviving buildings in central Manchester, sharing an outdoor seating area with the Old Wellington Inn, which was also moved to this new location following the 1996 IRA bomb.  Offering a wide range of traditional beers, real ales, spirits and a lovely traditional English menu, Sinclair’s has a great atmosphere and is always very busy – especially on warm Summer days or MEN Arena concert nights.  And yes, they do sell Oysters!
  • Real Ale
  • Food (British)

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7 Responses to “Sinclair’s Oyster Bar”

  1. Tito Says:

    Fantastic place for lunch time drinks!! does get crowded but there is an upstairs… can get full of dick heads on match days..

  2. Mac Says:

    The inside is nice, traditional old pub with lots of little ‘cubby holes’ to enjoy a relaxing drink and a bit to eat.
    However, the outside beer garden is a different story and is a danger to public health!
    The glasses hardly ever get collected which results in a huge build up and the floor looks like it hasn’t been brushed since 2004. fag ends and other stuff all over the place.

  3. Phil_1 Says:

    Good beer until you get pulled a bad pint and the staff refuse to change it. The service is pitiful.

  4. Colin Bravey Says:

    My son who lives in Fallowfield told me about this place and now whenever I go up to visit him, this is a must do pub on the agenda. You can’t beat these prices especially as I live in the South! Always found the service to be good and the drink just great – at these prices you can’t complain – well worth a visit!

  5. steve Says:

    Great building, great larger crap staff (and so many unemployed, should be easy to get staff)

  6. Nigel Says:

    Is it me but since it moved its now just full of students? Used to be a proper boozer when it was “hidden away” behind Marks and Spencers, now full of middle class tossers who dont need to go to such a cheap pub.

  7. Dean Thurlow Says:

    Great pub, can be very busy on Saturday’s. Great cask selection and wines. The outdoor seating area is full of people having a laugh, enjoying mixed company and watching the world go by.
    Not enough staff to cope at the bar causing some customers to leave and move on.

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