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Socio Rehab January 2, 2007

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Socio RehabSocio Rehab Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HQ map

  • Respected as one of the best cocktail bars outside of london, manchester’s Socio Rehab is a hidden gem in the heart of the northern quarter. As it only advertises itself with a small name plaque on the door, you may have unwittingly walked past this great experience.  If you spend the time looking however (its right next door to it’s sister bar rodeo, opposite bluu) you’ll be rewarded and pleasantly surprised.  It’s part of the rulesyou have to have a cocktail, thats what this place is about, but this can cause a wait at the bar on busy weekend nights. if you are not sure what to try, ask the very knowledgeable and friendly barstaff who will expertly create a little piece of heaven in a glass. The bar is tiny, and there is not much seating but the music is good and the atmosphere is friendly.
  • cocktail menu
  • occasional theme nights

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13 Responses to “Socio Rehab”

  1. Ben Says:

    It’s £6 a cocktail but its soooo worth it and there’s 69 different ones to choose from!

  2. Rob Says:

    It certainly has character but for me, it is too dark in there. Anyone would have thought it was 1944 in Manchester during the blitz.

  3. Steve Says:

    This is not a good review. The Cocktils are good but serive stinks. i would not put it in the same class as Harvey Nichols, Cloud or even MoSo. Ot of 10 I give it 3, and thats only because at least it is clean.

  4. Stephen Says:

    Thought I would reply on Steve’s comment on the standard of service. Personnally I’ve always found the service to be very high. When I’ve been in midweek / early weekend I’ve often been asked to find a seat and my drinks brought to me. On a weekend, yes, it does take a while to be served but that’s because it’s a small bar and it’s busy. Frankly I think the fact the staff can take your order, and when nearing finishing take the next person’s order without ever forgetting or referring to spec is pretty impressive and very professional. Compare that to Cloud 23 where sometimes you have to rugby tackle a waitress to get another drink…?
    Also the staff are very friendly, knowledgable and helpful – they will explain the more obscure drinks or recommend something for you.
    There are a handfull of bars where you can get a really good cocktail in Manchester. If you’re used to the celeb-spotting shinier bars like Panacea or Cloud then maybe Socio is not for you. But personally I find, for the quality of the drinks, service and atmosphere, it is the best.

  5. Frank Says:

    I have spent time in many bars around the world and this is bye far the best service I have experienced. Great cocktails too.

    A great mix of people and excellent door staff.

  6. bethanydee Says:

    Terrible service, mediocre overpriced cocktails. Not good. At all.

  7. Interesting review from Bethanydee (who has only submited bad reviews of other bars too). We’re sure cocktails are not expensive at Socio Rehab although unfortunately they have a crap website and it’s not possible to check prices. Will update later.

  8. eyeswideopen Says:

    Cocktails and range of spirits are excellent. In general the knowledge of the staff with respect to their product is also excellent. If you get a drink there between Sunday and Thursday chances are it will be fantastic. Weekends? Forget it!

  9. Stephen H Says:

    Was in Socio Rehab a couple of weeks ago, it isn’t really my usual type of destination on a night out but…
    The staff were ace just watching them mix and shake drinks could be classed as a cabaret act, i loved the water fight that was going on between members of staff. The cocktails were amazing (everything on the menu is £6) and if i get the chance I’ll be going again soon.

    Also, check out the “wallpaper” in the gents toilet cubicle.

  10. James R Says:

    Socio is the cocktail bar manchester needs, funky decor, a great mix of people drinking, undoubtably one of the most well thought out and originial cocktail menus in the north of England And provided the bar isn’t full timely service who are friendly and knowledgeable to boot.
    On the down side service can be slow on Fri and Sat nights but if u want fast service go across the road to bluu and get a bottle of beer.

  11. mojitomadame Says:

    I love this bar! great little date spot or nice bar for a few cocktails with some friends. love the decor, and i think 6-7 quid for a cocktail is reasonable. The staff took their time making my drink and waited on the tables. I recommend this bar to all my friends and dates – it never fails me!

  12. Mark Says:

    Awesome bar and awesome staff. I went in whilst it was fairly quiet and the guys behind the bar were top notch……nothing was too much trouble and they even went through each drink step by step to show how it’s done.

    Clean, great service, awesome drinks…..good stuff!

  13. Mush Says:

    I called in here early on Saturday and i think for anyone sampling a cocktail bar do yourself a favour and go when they’re less rushed off their fet. Don’t complain about service speed on a Fri/Sat night where cocktails are concerned. That’s just par for the course people!! Had my first alcoholic rum root beer which was topped off with a nice scoop of vanilla. Very refreshing in the summer I’d imagine. The staff were just getting ready for halloween fancy dress and i was amazed when one of the staff turned up as Teenwolf in full fur suit and basketball. Staff were all friendly and we were told to grab a seat and had out drinks brought to us and we paid for our drinks only upon leaving. Great little highlight to my afternooon of drinking! Keep up the good work guys but sort that website out lol!

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