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Common January 2, 2007

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Common Common 39-41 Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HW map

  • An excellent bar in the heart of manchesters Northern Quarter, common is a friendly place indeed. The bar itself is tiny but there is plenty of seating, the decor constantly changes with fabulous graphics and murals by local artist matt sewell.  There is something on most nights of the week, from quiz nights to djs to live music, common seems to have it all, including some great beers.
  • artistic interior
  • live music
  • quiz night
  • DJs

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5 Responses to “Common”

  1. Rob Says:

    I really enjoyed Common. So simple inside but the art work gave it lots of character. This is a must bar if you are around the Northern Quarter.

  2. Joey Says:

    Manchester’s best bar, bar none. Great atmosphere, quality beers, brilliant music and the nicest bar staff I’ve seen since Cheers went off TV. Recommended.

  3. David Says:

    A great little bar. We recently went for the monthly Licktronica event, seeing a DJ set by John Twell (Xela) & Ulrich Schnauss. We had freshly baked cakes and tea followed by some excellent beers.. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale being one of them.
    The atmosphere was lovely, the music not played to eardrum-bursting volume, bar staff friendly and a fine time had by all. Top marks, Common.

  4. Rob Says:

    I have been back a few times at the weekend and I have to say, I am not too happy with the bouncers on the door – they aren’t friendly, quick to ask you for your £2 entry fee and if you stay to the end, they are virtually drinking up for you – they don’t do the place any favours – it’s a relaxing little bar which doesn’t need this ‘edge’ to it, in my opinion.

  5. nath Says:

    Went in Common last night for our second visit and i’d have to say they have really spoilt it. Gone are the local artist’s work, instead it has been painted like a very dodgy living room – with dado and picture rails, brass hangings and an image of a window with cats looking in !?! It now has a very 90s feel and not in a good way.

    Worse still are the bar prices – we got a beer, a cider and two packets of crisps and paid £8.57. The girl at the bar even apologized for the prices. Needless to say we were gobsmacked and wont be going back!

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