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Cord January 2, 2007

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CordCord Dorsey Street, Manchester, M4 1LU map

  • One of the new style manchester locals, cord is a comfy place just off tib street in manchester’s northern quarter. There are two small rooms, an upstairs for eating and drinking and a downstairs for dancing the night away. There are a good range of drinks behind the bar, including import beers and some real ales whilst the food is pie and mash comfortable. The name cord is very suitable, the interior is mainly brown with some cord covered booth seating, the music is also great with a great selection of Mancunian artists.
  • Import beers 
  • Real ale
  • Jukebox (many Mancunian bands)
  • food (British)

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6 Responses to “Cord”

  1. Rob Says:

    Great drinks on offer, shockingly maintained seating and toilets though. If they spent a bit of time and care just keeping it remotely clean, it would win my vote for a good bar. There’s bars that are great due to its lack of effort as that gives a place character, however Cord says, “We can’t be arsed, just spread out and have a drink, feel free to tear our chairs!” Saying all that, I would go again as I loved the bottle beers which you could buy.

  2. Says:

    Great bar, hidden away. Superb beer on offer – James Boegs and Coopers from Australia – fantastic to see these on offer. It is open very late too which is ideal for when most places shut. Check it out!!!

  3. phutch Says:

    the only place i know of that has james boag’s. takes me back to launceston and the cataract gorge. cord is a cracking little hideaway, with high booths, which are perfect for a big group catch-up. good range of unusual world bottled beers too. fantastic chill out place.

  4. Venice Queen Says:

    Nice drinks but terribly maintained place. Downstairs I’m certain is a reclaimed toilet and it smells like heavy cleaning fluid. Wouldn’t go again by choice.

  5. mat Says:

    dont do anything to it!!! leave it as it is…. the ‘toilet’ theme certainly keeps the pretentious people away…. see above. so if you want to avoid the likes of blu & the bayhorse… this is your place

  6. looby loo Says:

    good choice of beers, liked the booths. but smelt really damp upstairs and when you go down stairs even worse and the white tiles remind you of toilets, and the toliets were horrendous

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