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The Bay horse December 29, 2006

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The Bay HorseThe Bay Horse 35-37 Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1NA map

  • the interior of the bay horse is completely different to what you would expect from the exterior. For a start, it only looks small from the outside, yet inside there are two very large bar areas. Then, you might be thinking you were going to be stepping into an older worldy pub, but no, the interior is classy and modern. There is a great selection of wine and spirits behind the bar, and some good draught and bottled beers also and if you are peckish, they do have a few bar snacks on offer. If its full upstairs, then head down the staircase to a darker basement and enjoy ample seating and a good game of pool.
  • pool
  • wine menu
  • food (bar snacks)

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One Response to “The Bay horse”

  1. Rob Says:

    I love it in here. It’s like going to someones house and enjoying a pint in their front room. Very relaxing and the girl who works behind the bar who looks like Nicola from Girls Aloud (she’s better looking than Nicola though) is very nice and is a reason to keep visiting.

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