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Rodeo December 29, 2006

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RodeoRodeo High Street, Manchester, M4 1BD map

  • If you don’t know where Rodeo is, just look for the very Bright Mural on the side of the building, the doors just round the corner and if you see a seat free, then bag it as it can get very busy inside here very quickly. The bar area is only small, the bar itself takes up a fair proportion of the room, and is graced with some fine spirits. With a south american and spanish feel, rodeo is just that little bit different without falling foul of the tacky theme. The music is cool, and the company is very good, with cheapish drinks to boot, its got to be worth a visit.
  • spirits
  • cocktail menu
  • varied opening times

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4 Responses to “Rodeo”

  1. […] experience.  If you spend the time looking however (its right next door to it’s sister bar rodeo, opposite bluu) you’ll be rewarded and pleasantly surprised.  It’s part of the […]

  2. Rob Says:

    Great bar – very relaxed – worth a drink of two!

  3. The Legend Says:

    I went to Rodeo a few months back and if it’d been a quiet night it would’ve been ok. As it was packed it was mental. The place is tiny so on busy nights (i.e. whenever you’d go out) the point disappears somewhat. Drink are not cheap but no different to the other NQ bars. I’ll try this place on a weeknight.

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