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The Piccadilly December 18, 2006

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The PiccadillyThe Piccadilly  60-75 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2BS map

  • A haunt for Manchester city supporters, the Piccadilly offers a number of cask ales along with the usual beers, lager and cider. Almost an exact replica of the Wetherspoons a few doors down (which is popular with United supporters), it was previously called The Piccadilly Tavern and at one time, The Goose.  There is a typical bar menu and the food is basic yet reasonably priced.
  • real ale
  • food (bar/snack)

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6 Responses to “The Piccadilly”

  1. Nick Says:

    Usually end up here after a Sunday night out in town, finishes the night off while on the walk back to the train station.

    They offer the standard household beers and pub grub.

    It also has a fair few games machines which are always good to pass the time before the train.

    It’s a wetherspoons style pub with a mixture of people, some of which look a bit unsavory and on a couple of occasions I’ve been approached by a rather big bloke trying to sell me Cocaine.

  2. Matt Says:

    if you’re a bitter drinker, steer clear. popped in the other week as it was the only pace i could find showing portugal v czech republic. the pint of boddies was foul, literally undrinkable. for first time ever i left it after a mouthful and walked out. no wonder this place is cheap.

  3. carl Says:

    think this is fab its a good start to the evening and the bar staff are great

  4. Craig Says:

    Am I to take the fact that you’ve chosen to put the word ‘City’ in lowercase when referring to MCFC that there is a yet another United bias here? Typical Rag behaviour! They’re bleedin’ everywhere!

  5. Alex Says:

    Cheap bars attract cheap people. Simple as!!!

    The majority of drinks are at affordable prices (and very cheap when compared to such places as Kroc – just down the road).
    Food is not great but edible and decently priced, so no complaints there – (you get what you pay for)f
    It’s frequented by the usual ‘Wetherspoons crowd’, occasionally you get some scally Chavs causing trouble – but you can get that anywhere.

    Go and have a cheap beer or 2 there unless you’re a snob/soft. ;-p

  6. rj Says:

    Went into the piccadilly this morning (4th july 2010) ordered breakfast for my wife and myself and 2 pints of foster’s beer, the breakfast was appauling , they put the toast and the butterr on nthe same plate, so the butter melted in the packet and seeped onto the food, the egg’s were over done and so the yolk was solid and not runny, everything was warm , when it should have been hot. Since when do you serve warm food to paying customer’s. I want hot food, my wife sent her’s back and they brought her another plate of luke warm food, disgracefull!!!!!! I do not think i will be popping in again for breakfast, will seek somewhere else where i can get piping hoty food.
    The owner’s of this pub should read these and take notice of the complaint’s that people make and rectify the problem before they lose customer’s.

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