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Star and Garter December 18, 2006

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The Star and GarterThe Star and Garter The Star and Garter, 18 -20 Fairfield Street, Manchester, M1 2QF map

  • Known as the home of indie music in manchester, the star and garter is a great place to see new bands. The pub is set over two floors, downstairs is the bar and upstairs is the club venue. If you like slumming it, then you will love the star and garter, its not a place to take your gran, its rough around the edges and doesn’t care, which is quite refreshing. There are a number of beers and spirits behind the bar, but nothing to surprise. The upstairs venue is home to some great club nights, where the music is very manchester orientated.
  • cask ale
  • live music
  • dj

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One Response to “Star and Garter”

  1. Star and Garter, Manchester Says:

    We’ve been to the Star and Garter following Punk Bands for many years, and it is always a top night. The boddies is cheap, and the people are firendly. Teh also do Smiths / Morrisey nights! You can see this bar from Platform 14 of Picadilly Train Station.

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