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Cuba Cafe December 18, 2006

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Cuba Cafe Cuba Cafe  43 Port Street, Manchester, M1 2EQ map

  • Hidden behind piccadilly in the northern quarter is a great little club that is targeted at the more mature party crowd, and when you step inside Cuba Cafe you would be forgiven for believing that you had really travelled to castro’s country. Offering a number of salsa classes through the week, it’s the weekend when Cuba Cafe really comes into its own. The over 25 policy is a welcome one and it means that you can really enjoy cool tunes spun by the resident dj along with the ecclectic surroundings. The bar is well stocked as well with some great spirits and cocktails and some great bar promotions.
  • cocktail menu
  • disco
  • food (bar/snack)
  • Salsa

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2 Responses to “Cuba Cafe”

  1. zena mantou Says:

    i went to cuba cafe on a hen party this saturday just gone with about 30 of my friends it was £2 to get in and it was the best £2 ive ever spent,the place is only small but when i first walked in i felt like i was in spain,like being abroad somewhere,the drinks was reasonable priced and the barstaff was very friendly,i was speakin to a older lady there an she was there for her 50th she was with about 20 guests,which i found wierd as u would never get a 50th an a hen night in the same place which made me realise how diverse cuba cafe is, we was told that the dj was the best dj in town an they was right we could not stop dancing all night this is by far the best bar in manchester

  2. Marie Says:

    Cafe Cuba is the place to go. The salsa classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are great fun and I’ve learned loads. Weekend nights are a real laugh. With all kinds of music and a friendly crowd. Cheap night out as well.

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