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Dr. Livvys Bar and Grill December 17, 2006

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Dr. Livvys BarDr. Livvys Bar Dr. Livvys Bar, 36 High Street, Manchester, M4 1QB map

  • Manchester has quite a few unique bars, Dr. Livvys Bar is no exception. Offering some great drink and food deals, along with some excellent live music and theme nights, if it is something a little bit different you are after then you’ll find it here. The menu is a mixture of british classics, american steaks and caribbean specialties, although there are regular special theme nights where the food is different. The interior of Dr Livvys is huge, making it ideal for large groups and big parties. Great food, great drinks, great music, and a great change from the appalling Brook’s and original Yates’s Blob Shop that once stood here.
  • Menu (Caribbean & British)
  • live music
  • salsa

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