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Castle Hotel December 16, 2006

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The Castle HotelThe Castle Hotel  66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE map

  • The victorian brown tiled façade of the castle hotel is a sure fire givaway to what you can expect to find inside. It is a true traditional pub, the landlord and landlady are friendly hosts and the beer is of good quality. There is a small back room which is occasionally used for live music.
  • traditional pub 
  • cask ales
  • live music

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3 Responses to “Castle Hotel”

  1. FlexyFlexTexMex Says:

    I remeber when the castle was cool. Cath ruled. Full Stop. No Pool Table No Respect. Listen. Learn. React. WORD

  2. Trelleck Says:

    Whats happened to the Castle? Why has it closed??

  3. Damien, the landlord and son of the previous landlady Kath, has ended his tenancy with crippling debts blamed on the smoking ban and on the brewery’s lack of investment. Robinson’s will possibly try and relet the pub however heavy investment is needed, especially on the toilets which were certainly the worst we’ve experienced in Manchester.

    With Damien blaming the brewery and, in turn, the brewery blaming Damien, we can see many faults from both parties. Whilst it was obviously a venture Damien was passionately involved in, he wasn’t the best business man in the world but, in fairness, even the best managers can’t work without an investment of funds from the owner’s.

    We hope The Castle reopens soon with a new landlord and, possibly a new direction that could help tidy it up and attract a new breed of real ale drinkers.

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