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Night and Day December 15, 2006

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Night and DayNight and Day Cafe  26 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JN map

  • Probably the best venue in manchester for checking out up and coming live bands, night and day café has great rock and roll coming out of its ears. Not only do they play host to some great gigs, they also have a fabulous range of spirits, a few draught beers, cans and bottles galore. The atmosphere is frendly, people go there to listen to the music, but if you head there during the day, you can chill out with a pint and some food. The inside is reminiscent of some small louisiana backwater bar. kinda cool, often with music to match.
  • live music
  • food (british/snack)

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4 Responses to “Night and Day”

  1. The Legend Says:

    I can’t believe no-one’s left a comment about good old N+D! If you want music and great food (and lots of other stuff besides) then go to N+D. Like it says on the tin you can go Day or Night for two completely different experiences. Choice of beers is “novel” (i.e not much) but there’s a whole world of alcohol outside the realm of hops and barley. If you’re new to Manchester take a look. If you’re not you’ve already been.

  2. raphael Says:

    Great live music pub

    Great sound

    Didn’t have this kind of pub in nice (France)

  3. glassedinbury Says:

    We saw Infadels and Metronomy here…what a gig…proper old school venue…sweaty, dark and top fun. A must for vistors and Mancs alike

  4. Tim Says:

    Did the person who reviewed this actually go into the bar? There have never been draught beers served at the Night and Day. Bottles only, so no relaxing with a pint in the day, either. Prices are high, but not as high as many bars in the area (Bay Horse etc).

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