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Dry Bar December 15, 2006

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Dry BarDry Bar Dry Bar, 28 – 30 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JN map

  • An historical drinking venue in the manchester music scene, the cavernous interior of dry bar might take you by surprise. This is the place where britain’s modern bar scene is said to have started back in 1989.  designed by hacienda architect, ben kelly, dry bar was originally owned by factory records and new order under the name of dry 201 (fac201 being the factory records catalogue number for the venue). Both Liam Gallagher and Shaun Ryder are amongst those banned from here.  The Happy Monday’s frontman for notoriously firing a gun whilst trying to blackmail Anthony Wilson (as documented in the 24 hour party people film).  The bullet hole still can be seen today.  Like Factory Records, the bar itself has had a few ups and downs over the years but with the current resurgence of the northern quarter, things are looking good for this historic venue. Dry bar has a little bit of everything, great djs at the weekend, live bands two or three times a week and a good selection of drinks behind the bar. If you love Manchester’s musical heritage, you’ll love this place.
  • live music
  • djs

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6 Responses to “Dry Bar”

  1. The Legend Says:

    Big inside which is great. Live music great to see and wide choice of drinks. We’re playing there soon so I’ll big it up loads (he he) Seriously, though, its worth a look if your in town.

  2. postman123 Says:

    I first went to dry bar in its heyday years ago and the dry bar of today has nothing to do with back then.The service is terrible and it seems as if the people who manage the place have absolutely no idea how to run a bar.Everyone I know has nothing good to say about the place.The toilets are extremely dirty and always flooded and beer is warm.Just a bunch of kids working behind the bar without a clue.No concept and no service.The place should be closed on the spot as it just gives a bad name to the otherwise trendy northern quarter.Diabolical!!

  3. Dave Says:

    I thought it was an awful venue, toilets are disgusting, flies and no soap at the start of the night. Beer was flat and dirty. Will never go there again.

  4. star Says:

    the place is an absolute dump.It was great in its heyday but now,im sorry to say,its over for the Dry Bar!

  5. dianadream Says:

    I go to this bar for 1 reason only – the bands. I live in San Francisco and have seen my share of venues.

    I’ve read the reviews here and I don’t care how shitty the toilets are (pun?). I’m not showing up to be pampered. Furthermore the beer can be as flat as it wants cause I’ll be chasin it with pure unadulterated whiskey. I mean to get rocked.

  6. Dave Says:

    Dry bar has really taken a turn now, there is new management and all new staff which has made all the difference. the beer is no longer flat and warm, seems like its being cleaned regularly.
    Great venue to watch a variety of bands, some of which are really good. Northern quarter – yeah trendy. hayday – over has been for 20 years so get over it.

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