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Wave December 14, 2006

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waveWave  Britania Hotel, Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3LA map

  • One of The Britannia hotel’s bars, wave is very different to the more popular Bar Rogue.  Perhaps it’s the interior to blame, which is slightly more dated in comparison to its next door neighbour. The food and drinks are cheap in wave and this is often reflected in the clientelle. There is a dj on at the weekends and the tunes can be anything from cheesy pop and rock to dance and r’n’b.
  • food (burgers and bar snacks)

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2 Responses to “Wave”

  1. Lee Says:

    Great bar, great drinks ****

  2. Pd Says:

    Very poor. The soft furnishings are mainly broken, service is slow. Avoid.

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