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The Old Monkey December 14, 2006

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The Old MonkeyThe Old Monkey  90-92 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 4GX map

  • A Joseph Holts owned traditional working class pub, the old monkey is deceptivly large inside, whether you drink downstairs or upstairs the atmosphere is the same, this is a traditional pub with friendly staff and the manchester brewed holt’s beers.  One of the great things about Joey Holt’s pubs was their prices.  Whilst these have gradually increased over the years, they are still extremely cheap.  If you want a pint of true northern beer then grab a pint of Joesph Holts bitter, a unique taste which goes down extremely easily and after about six pints magically makes your legs disappear, this can be troublesome if you then visit the toilets for the first time, as they seem to be located in a different postcode!
  • manchester ales (joesph holts)
  • real ale
  • traditional pub

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3 Responses to “The Old Monkey”

  1. Colin Bravey Says:

    A cracking pub where you always get served a good pint, quickly and even better – cheap!! Forget all those upmarket plastic pubs, this is a throw back to the good old days. Having the misfortune to live in Reading, it is easy to appreciate a good beer as opposed to the slop that the ‘upmarket’ pubs like to serve up. Support your local Holts!!!

  2. Bjarne Sø'rensen Says:

    I am soon coming.

  3. Matt Says:

    Too late bjorn. Holts have gone and ‘refurbished’ it as what they think is a hip city centre bar and put the prices up to match.

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