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Odder December 14, 2006

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OdderOdder Odder, 14 Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 5QA map

  • The creators of northern quarter favourite, odd bar, have snapped up the oxford road premises vacated by zumbar, to bring us odder.  This is a great addition to this bustling area of Manchester and is popular with students, workers at the BBC opposite and visitors to The Dancehouse Theatre next door.  The theme to the bar is ecclectic to say the least, the décor is refreshing and adds to a very warm atmosphere. Two rooms make up the new venue, and it has been completely changed since it was zumbar, with the space being utilised more sensibly.  With a full range of drinks on offer and the same friendly, relaxed attitude we’ve come to expect from the staff at odd, odder is set to be a great success.
  • import beers

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