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Che December 14, 2006

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CheChe Westminster House, Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3DY map

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  • One of a number of latin american themed bars to hit manchester in recent years, Che (pronounced ‘Shay’, as in Che Guevara) is one of, if not the best.  Where the rest have failed, Che succeeds with its mix of live Salsa music, good djs and great tapas.  Located on the edge of the Gay Village in the ill fated Portland Street venue that has seen the likes of Hugo Mash, am:pm, and huxter’s come and go.  Spread over two floors you’ll find there is a warm and lively atmosphere, which is complimented by the bright décor.  Fruit cocktails are a speciality and all are averagely priced. The food is superb and the upstairs restaurant elegantly decorated.  The happy hours offering 2 drinks for the price of 1 and a 3 course meal for £10 are extremely popular and you can often expect to queue two or three deep at the bar. If you’re up for a bit of fun then head along to Che’s popular salsa classes which are ran for both beginners and experts.  Excellent.
  • cocktails
  • food (south american & tapas) 
  • Live Music / DJ’s / salsa
  • imported beer (south america)

More photographs, special offers and information about Che

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3 Responses to “Che”

  1. Rob Says:

    Great food at lunch time – however, not a nice setting – very cold atmosphere which needs working on to make it a bar to enjoy. I haven’t been in the evening though, so it could be a crackin’ place to be then.

  2. Like the Andy Warhol style iconic painting of Che Guevara that hangs on the wall above the bar area, Che is a place of many colours…

    first of all there’s the bar, popular with business folk taking advantage of the amazing 2 for 1 special offer after work . The same place to many is better known for it’s urban nights, live music and top DJ’s, whilst others know it for the wonderful salsa classes and latin vibe.

    Even the restaurant – superb by all accounts – can’t decide whether it’s a European fine dining restaurant or a Cuban tapas bar. But then again, when it get’s both so obviously right, what’s wrong with having a split personality?

    And that sums up Che best, it appears to offer something for everybody with consummate ease.

    Highly recommended!

  3. bethanydee Says:

    Now closed. They never quite got it right.

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