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Bar Rogue December 14, 2006

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Bar RogueBar Rogue Britannia Hotel, Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3LA map

  • unusually for a hotel bar, Bar Rogue is not a trendy, modern place. its a boozer through and through popular with the city centre pre-party crowd at the weekends. Many of the customers are regulars through the day, and they have a dj at the weekend who plays everything from old school classics to r’n’b.  It was interestingly once named Bar Roque.
  • resident dj (weekends)

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12 Responses to “Bar Rogue”

  1. Supertramp Says:

    Without a doubt, one of the worst bars in Manchester. Wanting to watch the football on a big TV, we headed down towards the Rain Bar (as we knew they would have the game on) and we stumbled (nearly literally) over a sign saying “Football on a big screen, here!” As it was raining, we decided to go in to this place, Bar Rouge. One of the lads needed a piss so we had to go in anyway. Oh my god, the customers didn’t look human, more like extras from Shaun of the Dead. This was the bar from Star Wars. “No, I don’t think he likes you at all. No, I don’t like you either.”, followed by an alien band playing music. The big screen was showing the game but the overhead projector wasn’t working well and the top corners of the screen were narrow, ironically like the opening credits of Star Wars as the writing disappears into the distance. I looked around and witnessed more Albert Steptoe lookalikes coughing their guts up into their cheap pint. My mate comes out of the bogs, “We are not staying here!” he bluntly pointed out, continuing to add, “I’ve just overheard two guys in the toilets – well freaky!” So without a drop of ale passing our lips, all six of us left to face the cold Manchester rain, but delighted to be leaving hickville. Walking out, we saw a Big Issue seller pondering whether to come in but he gave us a quick glance to suggest he would spend his well earned gold coins in a more classy dodgy pub like a Wetherspoons. That says it all, even the tramps don’t stick around for this pub. Bar Rogue is the pits which attracts the lowest of the low.

  2. Lee Says:

    Great bar, great drinks ****

  3. Vicki Says:

    We satyed in the Britiana for a few nights and we found ourself here everyday i think. Drinks are really cheap, and as we were 20 girls on a hen weekend cocktails were a must!! They make large jugs of cocktails which cost only £5!!! you can get 4 or 5 glasses out of these!! Also we are able to watch Man Utd playing, so this was a plus too!! I duno what this forst guy is talking about!!! i really liked this place and i’d recommend it for sure!!! Also the bar men are pretty cute lol, and they were helpfull too….they told us were to go and were not to go!!!

  4. Finglasred Says:

    i was in there saturday,over for the game on sunday supporting manchester united as you do. i found the beer was shite, the bar service was even worse.i stayed there as long as i did because the lads i was over with were happy enough. the food was good in fairness. at one stage there were two staff behind the bar and one of them was filling the shelves, emptying the dishwasher etc and i thought the place is busy should the bar staff who collect glasses not be doing that?? went back in there after the game,again because one of the lads wanted to for whatever reason,got in the screen was shite to watch the game on and while the place had a good crowd in there were still on 2 bar staff on, so i talked the gang in to leaving and we went to another pub.

  5. damian Says:

    hi just to say this is a great bar with cheap food and drink during the day and 241 offers at night even on the weekend. The bar is what it is and is a great party atmosphere for anyone looking for a laugh. On the weekend the club opens and plays all party tunes till about 2 in the morning i will be going back on my next trip to manchester !!

  6. Jeanette Ward Says:

    Hi just to say it’s a great night out, great music. How do i find you on facebook to see te photo’s from Saturday night.

  7. Gemma Says:

    hi jst wondering how can i find u on facebook to see the pic from weekend????

  8. dede Says:

    plz can u tell me how to get on the bar rougue web site to see the pict ty and i love the club go every weekend good laugh

  9. mark Says:

    love it bounchers are abit stricked and picky but music good and drinks cheep

  10. barbara gregson Says:

    hi been in bar rough at the weekend and thought it was very welcoming place and the staff were excellent and friendly

  11. John Says:

    So we went in on a cold saturday evening, after waiting at the bar for an age due to 2 incompitant barman (no sexism intented) both who had a very odd idea of hair styles, milling about like we wasnt there, it actually took a mate to shout to them, admittedly another worker just came on at that time who actually served us, i agree with Lee’s comments it is like something from shaun of the dead, highlight of the night had to be the bouncer using some unfortunate persons head to open the door as he launched him out, cheap beer attracts the scum of the earth, dont waste your time going in here.

  12. John Says:

    sorry Supertramps comments not Lee’s,,

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