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Arts Bar and Grill December 14, 2006

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Arts Bar and GrillArts Bar and Grill Arts Bar and Grill, Piccadilly Hotel, Portland Street, Manchester, M1 4PH map

  • Arts Bar, situated inside manchesters piccadilly hotel, is a throwback to the hayday of the 1970’s. This bar tends to be full of business types during the week and party goers at the weekend. When there is a sports event in the city centre, for example boxing, arts becomes very very busy and unless you are a resident at the hotel you may struggle to get in. Although the outside of the piccadilly hotel is very dated , almost shabby looking, the interior of the bar is surprisingly pleasant. The drinks prices are typically ‘hotel’ high, but in order to compensate they do have a good food menu, and service is usually speedy.
  • 70’s decor
  • late drinking
  • food (american/british grill)

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