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tv21 December 12, 2006

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tv21tv21 10 Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1DH map

  • Fans of manchester’s fab café will love the cult tv and movie themed tv21. the brainchild of fab cafe founders, steve and paul petricco, together with local rocket scientist, steve bennett, it’s named after the famous gerry anderson publication. As with FAB Cafe, sci-fi is very prominent with an amazing space shuttle nose cone housing a room of it’s own, an alien from Aliens and a Doctor Who darlek taking pride of place. Posters on the wall celebrate cult tv programmes and downstairs offers a 1950’s style diner and dancefloor. As well as electronic music, you’ll find the usual madchester and indie classics with relatively cheap drinks on offer.
  • cult tv theme
  • disco (indie, madchester, classic rock, 80’s, cheese and party tunes)
  • food till 7pm everyday
  • comedy night once a month
  • live band every other tuesday

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12 Responses to “tv21”

  1. Tossbag Says:

    This venue is not in any way affiliated or related to Fab Cafe.

  2. Elviz Says:

    Absolutely brilliant place!!!!

    I like the way this bar looks and feels!!!
    Prices are good (compared to the most of the NQ bars).
    Staff is great and I love the atmosphere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Defiantly needed in NQ!!!

  3. trevartbone Says:

    Watched some bands on tuesday here,1st band were ok allthough seemed to be only 3 members(no drummer or bass player) Then a guy who “treated us” to some origanal compositions in an inimitable drone (Think Marc Bolan(not the musician but the busker in market street with a twitch and torrettes!) was blown away by the last band, think they are resident band, played a top set and was a breath of fresh air to hear live raw music without overdoing it with a gigantic sound rig and effects.Much more enjoyable to listen to than pretentious “background” music like the other nq bars(mentioning no names!!!)Just like a genuine 60’s pub band nite!,is this going to happen again or was it one off.More please

  4. Melissa Says:

    Hey travartbone! the band you liked at TV21 are called The Courting Blades (formerly Cathode Rays) and they do play regularly at TV21, though their next gig is at Dry Bar wednesday 6th June 9PM x glad you liked em!

  5. ryandolan Says:

    Really good atmosphere
    good music
    average prices but a very good night to be had!!

  6. Paul Bourke Says:

    I enjoyed sitting on small sofa outside the toilet watching sick being cleaned up and then throwing wine all over the wall……what a great night……..

  7. Paul, you could see that in any bar across our fair city at this time of year… oh, the joys of Office Christmas parties!

  8. debbie Says:

    Hey Paul Bourke

    were you in tv21 on friday 7th december if so would really like to talk to you

  9. Phil Says:

    I love this place. Best value for food and drinks, and a fantasticly friendly atmosphere on fri/sat nights.

  10. lizzie Says:

    went here on saturday night. was fab! great music great atmosphere. missed my last train home I was enjoying myself so much!

  11. claire Says:

    i came here for mr and mrs clint boons tea party and loved every random minute of it!!!

  12. Mush Says:

    This places best kept secret is Mrs Boon’s tea party. Usually at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon in the basement. Clint will spin some discs, his missus does killer desserts and brews and there is usually a live performance from Clint’s invites. You can get anything from up and coming unsigned bands to established bands playing as a favour for Boony. I saw Jesse Rose Trip there last Saturday and was really impressed (jazzy soulful little lady who can play a bit too). I believe Maximo Park have been in and this week it was short lived Stone Roses guitarist Aziz Ibrahim. Check it out…

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