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Matt and Phreds December 11, 2006

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Matt and PhredsMatt and Phreds  64 Tib Street, Manchester, M4 1LW map

  • Although manchesters only live jazz venue, Matt and Phreds is so much more. When you first enter the bar you suddenly realise that you have found a very special place. Matt and Phreds doesn’t wake up till around 10pm when the music starts, but when it does the atmosphere is both cooly chilled and electrified at the same time. There is a simple menu on offer and food is served till midnight, the drinks are also good and averagely priced for this side of town. Depending on the night of the week and the act on stage you may have to pay to get in, but it is well worth it, particularly if you want to experience a secret, hidden side of manchester life and music.
  • Jazz bar
  • Live music (jazz, blues & soul)
  • food (pizza)

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4 Responses to “Matt and Phreds”

  1. The Legend Says:

    Manchester needs lots more of this. Live music is a must in the NQ to make it a really good place to be. You get a good mix of stuff at Matt and Phreds and the acts are usually up to a pretty high standard, even on open mic nights. Drinks are as standard in Manchester.

  2. phutch Says:

    ducked in here late on a monday, and there was a live jazz act on stage, which gave the place a great ambiance. if it was anymore chilled out in there, they would need hammocks, not the cain chairs that lend so much to the feel of the place. probably the only place that would benefit from the smoking ban being lifted for that truely authentic jazz club feel.

  3. starfly5 Says:

    welcome to Jazz Club!GGRREEEAAAAATT!!!smokey dokey.Chillin fer a thrillin.

  4. AtLast Says:

    Great News Manchester! Matt and Phred’s is for sale! Please let there be somebody out there with a few quid prepared to take this potentially great place forward – PLEASE!!!

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