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The Deansgate December 9, 2006

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The DeansgateThe Deansgate  321 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LQ map

  • Previously the Crown Inn, Galvin’s Irish Bar and then just Galvin’s, The Deansgate sits at the bottom of deansgate and is on the fringe of both castlefield and deansgate locks. Having only recently reopened after refurbishment and a name change, it’s moved away from it’s traditional decor and opted for an almost chain-like feel.  Still owned by the same landlord, it’s obvious they’ve changed their tactics to try and suit the business guests at the Hilton next door rather than the old clientele of bikers from the Harley Davidson store that once neighboured it.  The interior is now all new varnished wood, almost trying to recreate the look of a traditional boozer – which is ironic seeing as that’s what this place was originally.  The staff are very friendly and there’s real cask ale on offer.  Whilst the target clientele is probably lunching business people, The Deansgate does benefit from an overspill of people who have given up queuing or been turned away from the more pretentious Cloud 23 in the ugly Beetham Tower next door.
  • food (british)
  • cask ales

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11 Responses to “The Deansgate”

  1. For a man who enjoys sport, I wasn’t anticipating to visit a pub ‘bar’ with its own swimming pool. But this newly furbished pub-bar can boast such a feature!

    On arrival at the Deansgate, you expect to be greeted with a bust of Queen Victoria and some podgy skinhead propping up the bar, chatting to the blonde mouthy bird behind the bar, but no! you are in Manchester not Walford. The environment is kind of traditional, but lacking traditional beers in favour of your commercial tipples, which must be a little upsetting for the locals. The Bar staff look overdressed and give you that Ahhhhh this is going to be an expensive round feeling.

    The prices are indeed typical Saturday night bar prices averaging £3 for a pint of guinness and stumbling into the gents is where I found the pool on the floor. There was also a cold tap fixture missing, so best advice would be to perhaps go early in the day when the cleaners have done their duty and all the punters don’t trash the convenience.

    The great thing about this pub is that there are plenty more bars near by which are far more accommodating.

    So go and enjoy the Deansgate

  2. Alan Davis Says:

    Quite possibly the worst pub food experience I’ve ever had in my life. It’s not surprising that The Deansgate always has tables available… I went with a group of 8 and most of the food that had turned up within an hour was inedible. The manager refunded us the cost with a blase attitude as though he expected us to complain. I was lucky enough to not even receive my food order.

    Don’t go there – please don’t waste your time.

  3. Rob Says:

    I was surprised by this place. From the outside, looks a typical pub, a bit rough but with it being next door to the Hilton, it has had to clean up its act. The interior is quite nice – barman friendly enough and the drinks ok. I happened to go on a Sunday night when it was quiet so when it is busy, maybe it does attract one or two mutants but if your thirsty, it is worth a quick pint.

  4. gary brunen Says:

    went to the deansgate for the first time on saturday since it reopened and i have to say i was really impressed. what a difference! we had to wait a while for a table to eat cos it was really busy but the meal was well worth the wait. my wife is a fussy eater and she even found something to eat! wasnt too expensive either. would definately go back again. will try the carvery on a sunday next time.

  5. Chris Says:

    I am a student and have been to the deansgate on a few ocasions recently as i have been doing a project about castlefield, we stumbled into the pub purely because we were hungry and just wanted some pub food however once we got in were surprised at how nice the pub is. The interior is a lovely mixture of traditional and contemporary, the bar staff are very friendly and the food was fantastic, a little bit pricier than average pub food but then again this isn’t average pub food! I dont no any other pubs who serve star fruit and ugly fruit in their salads, Try it! I’ll deffinately be going in more often!

  6. Emma Warren Says:

    2 of my friends and me are celebrating our birthdays on Sat July 12th is it possible to book a room/area for around 30 people and if so is there a cost involved?

    Thank you.

  7. Janine Says:

    I have just come back from having food from the deansgate, and i have got to say its the worst food i have ever had!!!! i feel sick!! the chips had that much fat soaked into them when i picked one up and squeezed it, a load of fat gave dripping out!! ewww!! please do not go there for food!!!

    • sebastian Says:

      Agreed, awful! We went for a quiet Sunday afternoon chill out with the papers and a bit of lunch yesterday. Well and truly overpriced in that type of “we know you’ll pay it because you don’t want to look cheap” way. The music for a sunday was all wrong, spiky nasty Europop more suited to the smoke machine covered crowds on a friday night. The building is nice, really nice and I love the wood panelling, ra ra ra but the food….oh dear god.
      It looks like they picked the most average items from any standard pub menu, added a couple of veggie options and ordered it all as ready made meals from Brakes or something ( no offence to Brakes at all). The 100% Angus burger may well have been just that but it was a tough precooked disaster(served dry on a stale bun) that has left me feeling sad for the animal who died for it and not just a little bit dodgy in the tummy area.
      The owner should be embarassed at serving this stuff at the ridiculously high prices they do but, that being said, the food is clearly an afterthought.
      Not Going Back.

  8. guy Says:

    Just visited today – the food was fine for pub grub – couldn’t complain or report any previous mentioned hideousness – although it was on the expensive side. The same goes for the ale – a reasonable pint -and there was a good selection available. The Knott bar is the better bar but on a hot day the Deansgate’s main attraction is it’s outstanding rooftop beer garden..

  9. Sharon Says:

    Have to disagree with guy & seb!! Been in the deansgate today and was welcomed by a lovly blonde lady. I was on my way to see a consultant for my eyes at St John Street and was very nervous. The lady served me a brandy and chatted away to me and calmed me down. I went back later to thank her, had another brandy & a light late lunch. It was very nice. Well presented and reasonable. I will definatley be going back there again. Lovely surroundings, great food and very good service.

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