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Bar Below December 8, 2006

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Bar BelowBar Below Bar Below, 34 Canal Street, Manchester, M1 3WD map

  • If you don’t look carefully you might just walk past Bar Below. A tiny little bar in set in a basement its definitely not the place for you if you suffer from claustrophobia! The décor is typically trendy and the clientele likewise. Drinks prices are typical of trendy manchester bars but the selection is better than most. Its well worthwile treating yourself to a cocktail in here.
  • cocktail menu

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7 Responses to “Bar Below”

  1. Tito Says:

    Intimate little bar on canal st nice change to the others on the st

  2. Michelle Cole Says:

    Yeah shame about the mirrors in the toilets!!!! every fecker can see you when your puttin ur slap on!Ha Ha nice place to meet up with sum one if you dont wanna be seen !!!!!!!!!!! O yeah that square hole in the wall is fun as well.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Not been in here in a good while. Its a great place to meet new people as it’s small. You ten to share tables with people and sometimes even seats. This gets you talking to a whole variety of people in there

  4. matt Says:

    Interesting little bar, a bit too small my my liking and was packed and very very hot, good choice of drinks, a bit expensive in my opinion. nice place tho

  5. andrew Says:

    Lovely cocktail bar with massive range of drinks great décor, staff and clientele, open very late at the weekends 5am!

  6. chelsie Says:

    ive heard that this is a great bar and i was wondering if they have a function room or anything as i really want my 18th eyah if any1 nose could you let me no plz thanks

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