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Via December 6, 2006

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ViaVia Via, 28-30 Canal Street, Manchester, M1 3EZ map

  • one of the first of the big clubs in the village, Via (previously via fossa) has just undergone a massive revamp, although you will be forgiven for not noticing the difference. In its heyday it was known for its virtually naked real life male statues and if you are heading into the village for the first time then you should visit here – many gay men who have just come out, do just that.  Make sure you get there early evening though as it gets very busy later on. One of the few big bars in the village with small hideaway seating areas, Via’s decor is a cross between plastic grandure and traditional wooden wine lodge
  • Gay bar (Straight friendly)
  • Cocktail Menu 
  • Food

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3 Responses to “Via”

  1. Tito Says:

    Very versatile place with main as you walk in, restaurant to the right and dance floor down stairs.. oh and loads of nooks and crannies to hid away in for more quiter moments

  2. Baz Says:

    A very nice var is completely spoiled by the lack of cleanliness, particularly the mens toilets which are full of small flies!

    Used to eat there 3/4 times week until they raised the prices by 25% last year and have not eaten there since!

    Most of the bar staff are extremely friendly

  3. Michael of San Francisco Says:

    I found myself frequenting Via during my stay due to the friendly staff and clientele. Lots of private areas to have a quiet chat with someone. Always found it a busy place to meet people both local and afar.

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