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Vanilla November 28, 2006

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Vanilla ManchesterVanilla  39-41 Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3WB  map

  • Situated in the heart of the Manchester’s Gay Village, next to the crossroad of Canal Street and Sackville Street, Vanilla is described as being the ‘lesbian mecca of the north’. Vanilla’s style is unique, clean and crisp with an electric atmosphere offering the perfect location to relax, be yourself and party! From regular weekly club nights with their very own resident DJ, the infamous ‘thank tranny its tuesday’,  to special ‘one off’ charity events, Vanilla is the place to be seen in the lesbian scene. Now offering WIFI, Vanilla is a perfect location to enjoy an ‘afternoon in the village’, although, with such a friendly atmosphere you might find yourself staying till well past bedtime!
  • Gay bar (lesbian orientated) 
  • Disco (pop/chart)
  • Cocktail Menu

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7 Responses to “Vanilla”

  1. Deb Says:

    I found the women clicky and rude in Vanilla. It’s like being at school and if you not in the gang you have to go out and get yourself an aysmetrical hair cut and have your arse hanging out of your pants to fit in.

  2. beep. Says:

    The best thing to do is ignore the fools that think it’s their bar.
    The staff are wonderful and the music, although not always to my tastes, makes for some good drunken dance moves.
    Just flounce in, do your thing and they’ll soon see you’re not to be trifled with.

    I’ve spent many nights out just in Vanilla, due to the fact I was having so much ruddy fun!

  3. Plop Says:

    Vanilla is an ace bar, quite small but there’s a community there. It always seeks to entice new lesbians to the scene as well. Like every bar you go in there’s goin to be a few rude people but on the whole the girls there are friendly…and fit!

    The staff are nice and very talkative…I’ve often come in on my own and found myself chattin away to the bar girls.

    All in all a great bar with great music and a great atmosphere.

    Plus my arse is never hangin out my pants

  4. Vicky Says:

    Vanilla is a difficult one! I do always find myself here at the end of the night but when I first started to go, I got the sense that there was “a new girl in town”. Still, after a few drinks I got over it!

    In my view, the amount of ‘butch’ women outweigh us ‘femmes’ which is a bit disappointing (for me anyway!).

    The music varies a bit – Friday is the best day for tracks with words in them! The charge is normally £2 and the drinks again, are going rate.

    I have had a couple of ‘incidents’ with the bouncers who can be a little heavy handed.

    All in all, worth a visit as its the only ‘girls only’ club.

  5. Debbie Says:

    Love it, really friendly with new management and staff, THE place for girls.
    Best drink deals in the Village.

  6. princeee Says:

    I love this place & never had any probs being femme- just the opposite in fact lol! Love the little lady on the loos as well- she’s a legend!!!

  7. Laura Says:

    Stood the test of time, be yourself and enjoy this venue, always busy on the weekend, crowd is young but hey the 35+s never come out.
    like the new manager Merry, and the Friday night Dj. Busier than many other venues.

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