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The Garrett November 28, 2006

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The GarrettThe Garrett 127 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 7AG map

  • The Garrett (Formerly the Old Garrett) is a pub next door to 5th Ave popular with people as a stop off before going on to the indie club. The patrons are usually younger than most of the places around Manchester and being next to the UMIST campus and a stone’s throw from Oxford Road, it attracts a fair share of students looking for reasonably priced drinks to spend their student loan on.  The pool table, fruit machines and pinball all add to the draw of this fun laid back pub.
  • Live Music
  • Live Sports (sky sports, bbc, itv, channel 5, etc)
  • Pool

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4 Responses to “The Garrett”

  1. Beckie Says:

    My Regular

    I am in this bar on a friday night and saturday night and sometimes during the week, it is a laid back pub full of friendly people. When I walk in the garrett I know automatically that there will be someone i know in there. and if not the bar men are nice to talk to aswel.
    xx I give the garrett 9 out of 10 :D:D

  2. Kayleigh Says:

    I go in the Garratt on a Tuesday night because the drinks are well cheap you can’t beat £1.50 double vodka red bulls 🙂

  3. Wolf Says:

    I love the Garratt as a place to drink after i have closed up my pub. Keep up the late openings…

  4. Bernard Kaye Says:

    I see ChrisTT is booked Dont miss him AAMilne fans

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