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Grand Central November 27, 2006

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Grand CentralGrand Central 80 Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 5NH map

Grand Central pub has been around for quite some time. Located opposite the Palace Hotel and Palace Theatre on Oxford Road.  It’s suggested by many to be the best rock and metal pub in Manchester, with a jukebox that boasts Aerosmith, Sepultura, Pantera and Machine Head amongst many.  They have a pool table and pinball machine and offer good Boddingtons and Guinness on tap.  Very popular over the weekend, it’s often used as a pre-club warm up for those visiting Rockworld and the Ritz.

  • Pool Table
  • Jukebox (many rock and metal bands)

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8 Responses to “Grand Central”

  1. David Says:

    its been over a year sinse I have been to grand centeral i would recomend anyone who loves gr8 beer and decent music to pop in and have a drink. it is one of only a few things i miss about moving away from Manchester but i will be goin again when i get the chance

  2. Grand Central Says:

    If you like your Rock Hard, and don’t mind a busy pub, this is quite possibly the best place to drink in Manchester. Cheap Boddingtons, Pool, a good jukebox, nice peoole.

  3. Jops Says:

    I am boycotting this place because it’s hypocritical. Its a shame too because the interior is bright and clean, refusing to fall into the dark, dingy rock stereotype. Also its perfectly placed, the prices aren’t extortionate and the music’s great if you love Rock and Metal as i do: Nirvana, Machinehead, Tool, Soundgarden,etc. On entering however, you will be stereotyped. I was told to zip up my coat because I was wearing a UTD shirt and my friend was ordered to take his baseball cap off so they could keep an eye on his face otherwise the bouncers would come and chuck us both out. So while the jukebox plays songs of freedom and equality, the punters are thrown out because of what they are wearing.

    • Me Says:

      there’s a big clear sign on the door stating no football tops or caps!. it’s a rock pub, last thing we want is to be overrun with football fans. it brings unneccesary trouble that we don’t need in a ROCK pub.

      • Malcolm Powder Says:

        Jops – you should know better than to go anywhere in Manchester wearing a Rags shirt anyway! You’d probably of been alright down in Great Yarmouth or Devon way where your core support lies!

  4. Nice vibe rock metal scene type place, friendly bar staff, good pint 9 times out of 10, great free entertainment on a Thursday night, medium price range, if you like an alternative venue or are into rock, metal music/scene, I would recommend this place to you.

  5. Claire Says:

    I used to be a regular in this place during the Jillys day when it was amazing but it has gone majorly downhill since then. I only go in every now and again nowadays usually before or after gigs, but the past 2 times i’ve been in i’ve had terrible experiences. The first was when one of the bar staff was extremely rude to me for no reason at all and the 2nd was on a weeknight when I went in with someone after a gig and what I can only describe as a caveman of a customer assaulted the person I was with over a disagreement about music, there was no security staff to help and all the bar staff stood there watching while I had to try and break it up and got hurt in the process, we were eventually helped by another customer. Apparently the caveman is a regular so they had no intention of throwing this person our or barring them, or helping when the police arrived. GC is one big clique and if they dont know you, they don’t like you. I wouldn’t go in there again if my life depended on it.

  6. Scally Phil Says:

    Thoroughyl good pub! Been going here for years! Louder than the Salibury and more liad back. Some temporary door staff have been difficult but on the whole they are OK and look out for the punters. Now that Rock world is closed, GCs is busier than ever it seems, and when the drinks are on offer, you can’t beat it!

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