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RSVP November 24, 2006

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RSVPRSVP 64-66 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2EN map

  • Now closed to make way for a Slug & Lettuce, for many years RSVP was a trendy but unpretentious bar on Deansgate. They served a range of beers wines and spirits and had a very nice range of cocktails. The bar also boasted a DJ playing at weekends to get you in to that party mood.
  • Cocktails
  • DJ
  • Food

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5 Responses to “RSVP”

  1. Karen Says:

    Went on opening day, to find NO SMOKING throughout, sent an e-mail to there head office to find that new refurbs will be no smoking… The ban does not come into force till July 07!!! Very cheeky!!! I wont be returning!!!!! Bring back RSVP

  2. team) Says:

    Full credit to the bar – just because the ban doesn’t take place until July, doesn’t mean we have to wait until July before smoke free zones come into place. I suppose the bar chose to go down the route of, “Why should we get all our new decor stinking of cigarettes?” I applaud their policy of no smoking – I can go somewhere to enjoy a social drink without getting lung cancer. Well done RSVP and well done Mr Blair and the Labour Government. Maybe in time, the smoking brigade will also be thankful as they are being encouraged to stop smoking due to these new rules coming in.

  3. karen Says:

    I am fully aware that there will be a smoking ban in july, but I feel that it was to soon to make slug no smoking, I went the other saturday lunch time a very sunny warm day to find all the stupied non smokers all wanting to sit outside well hang on, outside a smoking area, for me to breath my toxic fumes in, so if you non smokers want to visit go inside where you can breath your lovely new air, and leave outside to us!! it aint banned outside now is it!! oh and Tony blair has now gone, and brown will kill labour, so come on the tories and bring back smoking for us, we pay enough!! oh and dont worry about lung cancer from smoking, you will probably breath more **** in from car fumes and pollution from outside so stick that in your pipe and smoke it!! Oh sorry you dont smoke do you!!

  4. i might not have imagined this was useful a number years in the past then again it is amusing exactly how time switches the way you see completely different ideas, thank you regarding the blog post it is relaxing to start reading something intelligent occasionally instead of the routine trash mascarading as blogs on the web, i’m going to play a smattering of rounds of facebook poker, cheers

  5. Jess Says:

    What time do u close on a Sunday night?

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