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Sensations Lounge November 24, 2006

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Judas LoungeSensations Lounge 2 Old Bank Street, Manchester, M2 7PF map

  • You’ll find Sensations Lounge in the alleyway between St. Annes Square and Cross Street, the one with the big concrete balls made famous by a semi-naked Jimmy Nesbitt running away from a gigantic boucing testical in Cold Feet.  Apart from the management, very little has changed since it’s name change from Judas Lounge and it still offers the wonderful sumptuous seating.  It’s a great place to escape from the hordes of shoppers or grab a pre-show drink, with the Royal Exchange Theatre next door.  Sensations has a fair selection of drinks and cocktails with a small food menu offering bar snacks throughout the day.  The property seems to be rather ill-fated as the likes of The Rat & Parrot, The Colour Bar, the Yatra Lounge and The Judas Lounge having all come and gone.  The Conservatory and Bar 5 which once stood opposite have also disappeared.  Hopefully the new owner’s can have better luck.
  • Food (sandwiches and bar snacks)
  • Cocktail menu

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