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Kro Bar November 22, 2006

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Kro BarKro Bar 325 Oxford Road, Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester, M13 9PG map

  • This is where the Manchester Kro phenomenon all kicked off. Based in a beautiful grade two listed building on Oxford Road directly opposite the Academy and Manchester University it’s a popular pre-gig and student venue.  Don’t be fooled though – it’s not your usual student hangout – Kro Bar has a smart yet comfortable environment with a Danish theme.  Simply put this is just a great hangout with beers imported from all around the world and some classic Danish cooking.
  • Food (Danish)
  • Live Music (occassional)
  • Outdoor Seating

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3 Responses to “Kro Bar”

  1. christina Says:

    u feel like u r crashing a house party. snotty barstaff also! one to miss!

  2. Naomi Says:

    I went to Kro the other day with a group of friends for one of my friends’ birthdays, during the usual student lunch break of 1 till 2. We arrived at Kro at about 1:10 and by 1:25 we were still waiting at the bar to be served. The place wasn’t exactly busy and there were about 7 of us in our group, yet none of the bar staff seemed interested in serving us and there was no such thing as first-come-first-served – it just seemed to be a case of whoever shouted the loudest got heard. When bar staff finally acknowledged our presence, they told me it would take 15 minutes to prepare the meals that we wanted and so instead, we decided to just order a drink and go without food, as we all had lectures at 2. However, one of my friends, who was feeling unwell and had intended to eat lunch at Kro, bought a salad elsewhere and came back into Kro to eat it with the rest of us, who had all bought drinks, including one for her. When she had almost finished eating it, a very rude member of staff approached her and basically ‘told her off’ for eating the salad in the restaurant. I tried to explain, but the member of staff walked off, completely disinterested. When he passed by again, he complained a 2nd time to my friend for eating the salad. I tried to explain the situation for her (she is not a native English speaker), but the member of staff was completely disinterested and repeatedly spoke over me saying ‘no excuses, no excuses’ and so wasn’t interested in listening to the fact that it was their poor customer service which meant that my friend had no other option but to get food elsewhere. I immediately regreted having brought so many friends to this restaurant/bar. Aside from this particular instance, I have generally found most of the staff to be very rude and abrupt, generally giving out the idea that they would rather be anywhere but there and that customers are just an inconvenience. I would say, especially to all students, save your money and go elsewhere. The food is certainly not cheap for what you get and when there is no customer concern or service, why would you bother paying more than average prices? I don’t know what Kro’s official stance to customer service is, but from my various experiences, it seems to me that at Kro the customer is NEVER right…basically, one to avoid!

  3. John Says:

    As someone who has been socialising in the various Kro bars around Manchester for years I would like to leave some feedback on the Original and in my opinion the Best Kro Bar in Manchester.
    Based in a prime location on Oxford road the Kro is ideal for quiet get togethers or group parties. Offering a wide selection of food and imported beers and largers at very reasonable prices for Manchester.
    At busy periods during term time the bar will be filled with students from the nearby university. And as expected the levels of service will suffer slightly … the best way to survive this is to pre book a table and phone your order through.
    Whether you are calling in for a quick drink after work or lectures, a pre-gig get together or summer time drinks in the beer garden at the rear the Kro Bar is an ideal venue. And you will probably see me there. I’ll be the chap sat having a laugh with his mates.

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