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Zumeba November 20, 2006

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ZumebaZumeba 14 Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 5AQ map

  • NOW CLOSED AND REOPENED AS ODDER. Zumba is a trendy little bar on Oxford Road opposite the BBC, this place used to host it’s own comedy club which has apparently now closed it’s doors. Now it is just a bar, playing funky house and jazz music of an evening. The layout is good with lots of seating around around the edges and high tables and stools in the centre, they have pictures of Manchester scences and personallities scattered around and a nice bar selection. Zumba is in a perfect place for the local students as there are many halls behind the bar.

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One Response to “Zumeba”

  1. Zumeba Manchester - Now Odder Says:

    This pub has changed hands, and name, loads of times, it’s now Odder Bar. Still worth a visit, a good beer can be found here. Opposite the BBC.

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