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New York, New York November 20, 2006

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New York, New YorkNew York, New York 98 Bloom Street, Manchester, M1 3LY map

Not far from Canal Street you’ll find New York, New York and its sister bar, Balans of Bloom Street. Although it’s arguably Manchester’s most famous gay bar, popular with queens of all ages, it is also very straight friendly. Small and always busy, New York, New York offers live cabaret in the form of show girl drag act’s and a disco most days of the week.

  • Gay Bar (straight friendly)
  • Disco 
  • Pool Table

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21 Responses to “New York, New York”

  1. Vicky Says:

    I was in here on saturday night for my friends hen party. It is such a wicked atmosphere and everyone is so friendly. The guy that took us here was so sweet and looked after us all night! Definately be going again!

  2. natalie Says:

    was in here on sataday night too we had a brill night a great laugh good music nice friendly people my friend got a free drink as she was the bride to be we would defo vist this bar again x

  3. Michelle Cole Says:

    This place is wicked! had a brilliant night! really good atmosphere.

  4. matt Says:

    Love this bar, as camp as christmas and more. Great music, great staff. shame it gets so packed come the weekend. Nice seating in the lower end of the bar, Shame it smells like bleach down that end, maybe use less of it or a better smelling one.
    Great for anyone who knows the moves to old camp fire and that rolf harris one, my mate does . check it out its a cool bar,

  5. kt Says:

    i went 2 a few gay bars and all ov them said it was members only i was gutted came all the way from blackpool n ended up on the strait sean in a place called lounge gutted

  6. sam Says:

    New York New York so bad they had to name it twice. Run down dive which might of been ok years ago but is in serious need of an overhaul. Offers absolutely nothing but unhelpful staff, shambolic management and an uninspiring atmosphere. Also there is serious issues with disabled access.

  7. iclelady Says:

    Ive herd its the place to be 😉

  8. iclelady Says:

    My Friend amber mcardle Loves this placee 🙂
    Guna Have to be done (y)

  9. Amber Says:

    it will have to be done again , i loved it so muchh , me and melissa was havin a ball of a time 🙂
    Loved the atmosphere thought it was actually amazing 🙂
    Love Everyone there , and the staff were great . dnt know what people are on about id give it a 10 out of 10 xxxxxxxxx

  10. natalie Says:

    went in here few weeks ago really good nite cant wait to go again!!!!

  11. Claire Says:

    i was there yesturday afternoon loved it cnt wait to go again xxx

  12. Nichola Says:

    Absolutely love the place, its the perfect place! Me and my friends can boogie the night away with no worries of any trouble. Already planning a return for my b’day in November x

  13. Tracey and all her little helpers (especially Peggy) make it worthwhile going to NY-NY everytime i go to Manchester. sometimes this is only once a year but Tracey never forgets a face and always welcomes us with a hug and a kiss. There is def not many bars out there where you get this.
    I recommend this bar to anyone i know who is going to Manchester and I always will and I have never had a bad report about it yet!!
    Can’t wait until my next visit xx

  14. theresa doyle Says:

    great bar gay and straght freiendley. fab mucic

  15. SHARON Says:

    What a fantastic place! We had a brilliant nights craic here Friday past – such friendly punters & staff. Music was spot on – fantastic atmosphere. If i’m ever back in Manchester, I’ll definately spend a night here…….

  16. jackie Says:

    AMAZING!! had a girlie weekend & ended up in new york new york best night ever everyone so friendly bar staff very nice. had complete strangers pull us up to dance made to feel like old friends. would love to go back and have told everyone how welcomed we felt

  17. john stapples Says:

    this is not a good bar it has a big problem with its door staff who are very handed with there fists and the manager does not seem to care ,if you face does not fit then you can not come in,if you do have a problem with the door staff you must report it to the police

  18. Simon Says:

    @John Stapples- Can’t believe you thought the doorstaff were nasty. Always a really friendly place with a great atmosphere and think that is due to the doorstaff having a good insight on who is nice and who isn’t. Guess you weren’t nice. Anyway, great place, great drinks great atmosphere.

  19. Chris Blackpool Says:

    love it cant wait co see Tracey and the crew and especially our Kitty Litter.
    Always a great atmosphere.

  20. mark mccarrick Says:

    Not the best bar in the village but then not the worst either. Its about time Kitty Litter got some new material, same old stuff time after time!
    My only complaint is the fact that there’s still no working hand washing facilities in the gents & its been like that for weeks now!! Will it be fixed soon? I doubt it!

  21. cliff Says:

    had a great night friday the 24th me and sylvia so good thay named it

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