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The Salisbury November 16, 2006

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The SalisburyThe Salisbury 2 Wakefield Street, Manchester, M1 5NE map

The Salisbury is a great pub just off Oxford Road by the side of the Oxford Road railway station arch’s. The pub offers a really great range of cask ales, serves food and has a nice outside drinking area for those summer months. Being at the bottom of the steps leading to the station, the clientele is a real mixed bag; you can expect to see everyone from rockers to goths, young students to older businessmen. The jukebox is also regarded as one of the best in town and along with the real ales is one of the reasons this place is so popular.

  • Cask Ales 
  • Food
  • Jukebox

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11 Responses to “The Salisbury”

  1. The Salisbury, Manchester Says:

    Right at the bottom of the steps of Oxford Rd Station, and overlooked by Grand Central and The Thirsty Scholar. This is a proud Rock / Heavy Metal Bar. Good Beer, and a pool table too.

  2. ailsa Says:

    I have never been so badly treated ! This is a pub that I have, historically, used quite often to meet friends off the train for an evening in Manchester and then for the last drink till our various train times but not anymore. Last night i was bullied and abused by the most obnoxious doorman on a power trip. I was, as he pointed out, in the wrong to leave the pub with a drink to go to the undercover outside area (which I thought was a communal smoking area). As a non smoker, I havent had cause to find the smoking area of the Salisbury before. The doorman told me off like I was a 12 yr old school kid, refused me re-entry to the pub where my friends were and took my drink off me & threw it on the floor. I shall never go to this pub again. I was humiliated by the way that I was treated. Shame really cos the pub itself is ok. Looks like your loss is another licencee’s gain!]

    • simon Says:

      i agree, the doorman can be a bit of a power mad toss pot, ive had a run in with him before as he favours people who can take a drink out the front and have a smoke, i dont smoke but was in a similar position to ailsas message where people i was with did smoke………oh its ok for the rock radio team to smoke and drink here is it? i sarcastically asked the ass kissing moron

      • simon Says:

        …apart from that, great pub, good staff inside and good beer and cracking jukebox……..people like him wont stop me going in….as he wont recognise me

      • Nick Says:

        No matter what doormen do, they’re always ‘power mad’ or ‘on a power trip’.. simple fact is that some people just don’t like being asked to do something or finding themselves on the losing side of an argument.

        The rest of us just get on with life, and we are the majority, and we think that the Salisbury doorman is a legendary gent.

    • Timmy MacK Says:

      The problem you faced was that the bouncer is right, those are the rules, that is the law , you are wrong and there is no way in the world you could change it. The best thing would have been to walk back inside and said “oops”. Now ask yourself how it got to the stage where 1. you are being talked to like a 12 year old , 2. how your drink was taken from you and 3. how you were refused entry. the answer to all 3 is that you didnt listen to him, you didnt go back inside and you thought you could argue with him. Think about it. He has a job to do . You are stopping him do that. He gets rid of you thus he can get back to work again.

  3. jeff Says:

    Great pub, staff are friendly and jukebox is awesome. Doorman is famous for his charm, but doesn’t like rude people. You can have a great night in here, very rarely trouble. Beer garden out back for the smokers.

    One of the best pubs in town.

  4. B. Jones Says:

    In the Salisbury last Monday after the Utd Arsenal game arrived after 11 good to find such a busy pub on a Monday night. Beers were great including Monkey Stout which was new to me, reasonable prices also.
    Good friendly bar staff made the place a must for my next visit to Manchester.

  5. janette Says:

    Had a fab night on friday night 26/2/11 Thought it was a chilled pub and was made to feel welcome. Even by the bikers that i rambled on to after having a fair few drinks.
    Thought the staff were friendly and will defo be returning again some time soon : 0 )

  6. Scally Phil Says:

    By and large The Salisbury cater for the older clientèle of Manchester’s Rock and Metal community, so while you do get ‘young ‘uns’ it’s not overrun with nut-cases as its somewhat ‘self regulating’. The beer is not too cheap, but it’s a nice pint and there’s a few unusual beers to choose from besides the usual popular choices. Awesome jukebox and great atmosphere make this pub a must for anyone who appreciates loud music! If you do like a younger crowd, Grand Central is just across the road!

  7. Gordy Says:

    I used to go to the Salisbury before heading out to Jilly’s. A fantastic pub, i cut my drinking teeth so to speak in here, fantastic pub, people and drinks. An old Irish guy called Cyril used to drink in here in the 90’s, the drunker he got, the louder his laugh was. I even had my stagg-doo in here last year, not been back for 20 years as i now live in Suffolk, couldn’t believe it when i found out Jilly’s had closed, and i even hear that the Salisbury will be closed soon as well, a sad day if it does. Keep it open its got class, character and the younger generation needs a place like this.

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