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O’Sheas Irish Bar November 16, 2006

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O'SheasO’Sheas Irish Bar 80 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6NF map

  • O’Sheas is Manchester’s most popular Irish Bar.    There’s a wide choice of beers on offer and you can expect the head on your Guinness to come complete with a perfectly formed clover leaf or harp. They offer a choice of Irish dishes at reasonable prices, and the jukebox boasts many Irish favourites with a very strong pressence of Manc Irish artists including Michael McGoldrick, Dezi Donnelly, Toss The Feathers, Culainn and The Bogtrotters.  Not that the jukebox is switched on that often… on most nights there’s live entertainment to jig along to as Mancunian Irish bands play celtic favourites and classic pop hits.  Folk legends Toss The Feathers were regulars here.   They also show loads of football and Gaelic sports, Manchester United and Celtic are given preference for obvious reasons.  Everyone seems to have a great craic in here.
  • Live Music (celtic)
  • Food (Irish)
  • Live Sports (Sky, Setanna, ITV, BBC etc – preference to Man Utd, Celtic, Ireland and gaelic football)
  • popular with Manchester United fans
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-1pm & Sun 12pm-12:30am

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4 Responses to “O’Sheas Irish Bar”

  1. Franzi Says:

    Hello. My name is Franzi. I have a very big problem. On Sunday,11th march I visit O´Sheas with my brother an his girlfriend. On this evening I got to know somebody. His name is Tom, not very tall, he works as an engineer an lives in Manchester. My problem is: he gove me the telephonenumber. But I think its the wrong. I´d tried so many times. And I´m from Germany…
    Please when you know this Person, give him my number:017667615297. Its very important for me. Perhaps he visits you often. Thank you.
    Bye Franzi

  2. Michelle Cole Says:

    This is the sexiest pub in manchester!

  3. Siobhan Says:

    yea with the sexiest bar men to ever come out of Derry!!

  4. declan Says:

    watched champions league final there last night . my phone fell out of my pocket. anyone hand it in? thanks

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