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The Ritz November 15, 2006

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The RitzThe Ritz Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5NQ map

  • The Ritz is a hugely popular night club, one of the great Manchester institutions.  Managed by Jimmy Saville in the 1960’s, the club is still just as popular nowadays with queues tailing down Whitworth Street West for a number of their regular themed nights.  The grand old venue plays host to rock and indie nights, the famous 70’s disco and fancy dress night that is love train and live music nights featuring some of the biggest names in rock.  Drinks are dirt cheap all week and the club is open till 3 am on most nights which makes it very popular with students.  It’s also one of Manchester’s premier music venues with some of the country’s largest indie bands playing here, Primal Scream and Belle & Sebastian being the most recent.
  • Disco (cheesy pop, 70’s disco, indie, polish)
  • Live music (famous indie bands & local favourites)

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2 Responses to “The Ritz”

  1. elaine Says:

    what is happening with sat nght not the same as it used to be is it still open sat nght r is it just for students now shame had some good nghts with my mates never mind life goes on elaine ??????????????/

    • Mary Says:

      I agree Elaine. Saturdays were fantastic and there was a really wide age range there, all getting their groove on ! Sounds like it has been taken over by students.

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