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Revolution, Oxford Road November 15, 2006

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Revolution, Oxford RoadRevolution, Oxford Road 90-94 Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 5WH map

Revolution bars have started to pop up all over the country, however, this is where it all started back in 1996. A Vodka bar celebrating the spirit of Vodka in a number of different ways, from cocktails, shooters, pitchers and much more, don’t worry if you don’t like Vodka though they have a good selection of other spirits and beers available. There’s usually a DJ playing most nights with a mix of electro, house, 70’s, funk, soul and rock & roll so the music is as versatile as the Vodka this place promotes.

  • Vodka Bar
  • Cocktails 
  • Food
  • Live Music

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3 Responses to “Revolution, Oxford Road”

  1. Noddy Says:

    I like this cool vodka bar, usually full of a good mix of people, lots of students being so close to the campus. Although maybe they should review their policy on handing out plasters to people that have had accidents, whats there first aid box for?????

  2. Sean hamilton Says:

    I love lemon party

  3. Ellie Says:

    Great place to go and frankie behind the bar is really good and friendly

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