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Joshua Brooks November 15, 2006

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Johsua BrooksJoshua Brooks 106 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6NG map

Joshua Brooks was named after the loveable character in Mrs G. Linnaeus Bank’s classic novel, The Manchester Man.  It was a popular bar for over 7 years, especially with students at the nearby UMIST and clubbers at Paradise Factory which once stood opposite until it was taken over by the owners of the brilliant Fallowfield bar, Sofa.  They called it Sofa Central and spent a fair bit of dosh in doing it up.  Sadly they didn’t enjoy long term success and soon sold up.  Fortunately, the bar was reopened with its original name, keeping many of Sofa’s famous comfortable booth seats.  A short walk from both Oxford Road and the Gay Village, this dimmly lit bar is great for lounging around. They have a number of club nights in their basement bar (Indie, Rock, Pop, Ska, Raggae or Drum ‘n’ Bass) and a good schedule of live music (including weekly acoustic nights). The bar also has two big screen tv’s with sky and premiership plus, as well as cricket, tennis, golf and whatever else is playing.  With bar food at reasonable prices as well as cheap shooters and cocktails, it’s a popular haunt for students.

  • Cask Ales
  • Cocktail Menu
  • Disco  (Indie, Rock, Pop, Ska, Raggae or Drum ‘n’ Bass)
  • Live Music (Acoustic Rock)
  • Live Sport

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